World’s Highest Ski Resort Being Built in Tibet

Tibet Lhasa

Tibet is currently getting a lot of attention from the skiing and snowboarding community, things such as the Beijing Olympics coming in 2022, the fall in restrictions on climbing Everest and the construction of ski resorts and other changes, have really been putting Tibet on the map.

The construction of the ski resort and compound of runs is part of the sport and culture build on the 13th 5-year china plan. This means that in short, china wants to be able to see more alpine skiers in the country and grow the community.


The resort its self is due to be placed in the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa. The city is already 11,800ft above sea level and in turn is one of the highest cities in the world, when this is combined with surrounding mountains you can really get some extreme slopes to be able to head down.

Just to put this in comparison to Europe’s alpine skiing resorts, Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in the Alp’s and reaches a total of 13,123 ft. above sea level. Where as in and around the Tibetan Himalayas range there’s a wide range of extremely higher peaks, 5 of these standing taller than 26,000 ft. 70 of which standing taller than 25,000 ft. and in total over 1000 peaks stand taller than Mount Blonc throughout the region. This making it perfect for a ski resort.


Tourism in the region has been growing significantly with more and more people coming to the region to be able to see the culture and amazing snowy weather, with thousands of peaks, thousands of small villages and an Asian aesthetic it is very popular indeed.

There are some off piste yours in the area all ready that you can take part in, along with different beating and trekking routes and even the Himalayas climb. There is also a number of base camps at the base of Everest that are used by climbers before making their ascent up the mountain to the summit, however only 600 people have ever made the climb and survived.


With such a remote and untouched landscape being combined with extreme height and high levels of snow, this could just be Asia’s answer to the Alps in a couple of years. So keeping an eye out and heading over here to be able to see it for yourself could prove to be a truly amazing experience and due to its remote location, it certainly holds a high level of exclusivity for the user.

Tibet is even more likely to be a great success due to its climate, the region its self has a five-month winter which means that you will have a much longer ski season than other locations. The ski season would run from approximately October all the way to April, which is a huge amount of time to be able to get to the slopes and see what is on offer. Remember however, the temperatures in the Himalayas can reach a whopping -16 degrees, so it is always best to pack your S’No Queens to be able to add an extra layer and stay comfortable and warm on your journey.