World’s Best Ski Terrain Parks

Terran skiing has become increasingly popular over the past few seasons, so grab your thermals and check out these world class Terrain ski resorts.

Terrain Skiing is skiing on a smaller scale with more jumps, obstacles and even half pipes instead of your traditional slopes, in turn being better suit to people who love to be able to get air rather than speed.

However, with terrain parks usually being rare at ski resorts, or simply inadequate and a little basic, we have found you some of the best in the world to be able to enjoy, take a look!

LoveLand – Colorado

LoveLand - Colorado

Loveland is a terrain park based in the Rockies of Central America, this means that it is accessible by everyone on the continent due to its central location and for this reason is very vast in size to accommodate. The parks scenic backdrops of the Arapahoe National Forest and the rolling Rocky Mountains give it a scenic element and make it even more aesthetically pleasing if you are somebody who records their terrain park experience.

The ski park within the resort is on the plateau just off lift six and holds an array of different ramps, rails and even a half pipe to be able to suit all of your needs when it comes to getting air or performing tricks. We do advise however that you have some experience before heading to this terrain park as due to its extensive size, it can attract lots of people and being slow on the various ramps and rails could cause an accident.

The best way to access the park is to fly into Denver before receiving a transfer to the nearby ski village and staying there for the duration of your time.

Les Deux Alpes – France

Les Deux Alpes - France

Les Duex Alps has long been referred to as the Mecca of freestyle skiing and in turn, you can image just how amazing the park is here for anybody who loves getting air or pulling tricks. The resort is also open all year round due to its alpine glacier location so in turn you can head here all year round to be able to take to the slopes and experience the infamous alpine lifestyle all year round.

The park its self does lack a forested background and forest runs but makes up for it with runs taking you through surrounding caves and other areas on the park that make the normal runs more fun when you’re not on the terrain park. The terrain park holds a half pipe and a range of attractions such as a box and a variety of ramps in Europe’s largest freestyle terrain park.

The resort its self is not within any proximity to the surrounding cities so you will have to fly into Lyon, Geneva, Chambery or Grenoble before securing a transfer to the resort.

Mayrhofen – Austria

Mayrhofen - Austria

Mayrhofen has a wide range of runs and other ski attractions alongside the ski park and in turn is great to take the family if they are not as interested in freestyle skiing. The alpine resort boasts views over the Austrian peaks and out of all of the ski resorts we have shown is by far the least busy during the summer months.

Although the park is not as extensive as the other parks in this article, this terrain park does still have a wide array of attractions to be able to try out and due to its very remote nature is a lot more desolate than the other resorts. This means that you will find it easier to be able to gain access to the various rails, ramps and the half pipe and will not have to wait around for people to finish before having your turn.

This resort is accessed from Munich in Germany, which is a 155.5km drive away. However, once you reach the resort you will realise it was worth every kilometre.

The best thing about these resorts is that they are open all year round with the exception of LoveLand, which closes for 4 months a year. This makes them well worth visiting if you simply cannot wait for ski season. If you are thinking of heading out then make sure you pack your S’No Queen thermal wear.