Wintastar Shanghai – The world’s biggest indoor ski centre

Wintastar Shanghai - The world's biggest indoor ski centre

Beijing 2022 – Winter Olympics

China is reported to be the birthplace of skiing, with the oldest evidence of skiing in the world being found in its Altay province, so the announcement that Beijing will play host to the 2022 Winter Olympics is something of a coming home.

Those of us who remember the Beijing Olympics in 2008 will remember the sheer spectacle of those games a decade ago. The ceremonies were spectacular, the stadium equally so and the execution flawless, so this bodes well for the next winter Olympics and we’re already excited to see what Beijing 2022 has in store.


China’s Plans for a Mindblowing Ski Resort

Since Beijing won the vote to host the winter Olympics in 2022, the interest in winter sports and in skiing in particular has exploded in China. New ski resorts are opening in record numbers and sales of skis and snowboards have increased exponentially in the country.

The latest and most exciting news, however, it the planned construction of ‘Wintastar Shanghai’, what will become the world’s largest indoor ski resort.

The world’s current largest indoor ski slope is The Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort (also in China) which boasts a slope of 80,000 square metres. Once constructed, WintaStar Shanghai’s slope will exceed this by 10,000 square metres, the slope being only part of the planned resort’s 227,000 square metre footprint.


WintaStar Shangai – More than just a ski slope

Once constructed, Wintastar Shanghai will undisputedly be the largest indoor skiing destination in the world, however, the design of the attraction goes much farther. As well as being designed will Olympic and leisure skiing in mind, WintaStar Shanghai is being built as an all-encompassing ski resort, complete with ski in and ski out hotels and its own Apres-Ski. The outside of Wintastar Shanghai is set to be ultra modern and imposing, looking like a giant glacier constructed from glass, steel and concrete. But the interior is said to be designed with the feel of an Alpine village about it, so those of us accustomed to skiing in Europe should feel right at home.

We can’t wait to see the plans for WintaStarShangai to become reality and we also can’t wait to see how the rekindled interest in snowsports throughout China brings a host of new places to ski and places to show off our S’No Queen designer thermals.