When does the French ski season end?

french ski season

When do the French Ski Resorts Close?

All good things come to an end and the ski season is one of them. Most European resorts have been open for months, chances are that you’ve already been seen, looking fabulous, as you hurtled down the slopes at some of the choicest pistes the continent has to offer.

Perhaps you need more? Perhaps you’ve not got round to booking? Well fear not dear S’No Queens, if your ski appetite has yet to be satisfied, there’s still some time to get yourself some slope time.



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When do the French ski lifts stop?

Our closest continental neighbour is still open for skiing for the time being, but from mid April, the resorts start to close, so make your bookings soon.

Following are the dates the lifts at some of the major resorts across France will grind to a halt.

Imagine yourself out on the slopes, carving up the piste and having a whale of a time as you extract every last morsel of joy from the ski season. Now make that dream a reality and get out there!

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