What is Super G Skiing? How is it different to Downhill Alpine?

What is Super G Skiing? How is it different to Downhill Alpine?

Super G Skiing – Competitive Skiing With More Thrills and Spills

For most of us, skiing is a passion, a way of life, something to look forward to doing any chance we get and as often as we can. It gives us escapism, thrills and, of course, the chance to look fabulous in the latest ski fashion!

But there are those who take their love of skiing beyond the realms of the world’s most exhilarating hobby and into the realms of competitive skiing. Super G Skiing is one such form of competitive skiing and as the name suggests, it’s bigger than most. But what is it really?


Super G Skiing and the Olympics

To best understand what Super G Skiing is, it’s worthwhile looking at some of the other forms of competitive skiing.

  • Downhill skiing is one of the skiing events in the Olympics and is a simple matter of getting from the top of a mountain to the bottom.
  • Slalom Skiing, also an olympic sport, involves the skier navigating a set run filled with a series of gates which are set close together, forcing the skier to performs a series of tight technical turns in order to pass throughout them all before reaching the bottom.
  • Giant Slalom combines elements of both the above. The course contains a series of gates just like in Slalom, but they’re spaced further apart and the course itself is longer.
  • Super G Skiing also has a series of gates just like in Slalom and Giant Slalom, but they’re spaced even further apart and the course is longer still making Super G Skiing more about speed than technical skiing. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Super G Skiing is that competitors don’t get to practice or even see the ski run until they’re on it. Meaning that skiers must react to the course rather than being able to learn how to best navigate it in advance.


Is Super G Skiing Dangerous?

Super G Skiing, because of it’s nature as a fast, ‘seat of your pants’ event certainly has more thrills and spills than many other forms of skiing in the Winter Olympics.

Competitors can reach speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour and because they never know what the course will throw at them until they’re on it, it’s an event only for the most experienced and bravest of thrill seekers.

The courses, of course, do contain padded areas and nets to help prevent small misjudgments from being career ending, so even though it’s fast and unpredictable, Super G Skiing isn’t that much more perilous than other forms of competitive skiing.

For S’No Queens who want an exhilarating sport to watch while our on a skiing holiday, or specatiting at the next Winter Olympics, Super G is certainly worth a look. But don’t forget to wrap up warm in your designer ski thermals while you’re cheering on your favourite champion!