Safety on the Slopes – Simple Rules to Avoid Incidents

Safety on the Slopes - Simple Rules to Avoid Incidents

Avoid a bad experience by following these simple rules

Skiing is an exhilarating experience and while accidents do occasionally happen, skiing and snowboarding are largely safe activities, provided that everyone follows some common sense rules and stay within the bounds of their ability and experience.

The International Ski federationhas put together ten rules for the conduct of skiers and snowboarders which could be considered a basic Highway code’ for the Ski slope and is worthwhile reading for anyone tackling the mountain.


What are the rules on the FIS Code Of Conduct?

  1. Show respect to others – don’t endanger or prejudice anyone else through your actions
  2. Stay in control of your speed, adapting with respect to your ability, the terrain, the people around you and the weather.
  3. Chose your route so as not to endanger those ahead of you
  4. Make you leave enough space when overtaking to allow those you’re passing to manoeuvre without collision
  5. Whenever you join a marked run, restart after stopping or begin ascending the slope, you must look up and down the piste to make sure it’s safe to do so.
  6. Don’t stop on parts of the piste where it’s narrow or where visibility is restricted. If you’ve fallen in such an area, make haste to get away as soon as possible.
  7. If ascending the piste, or descending on foot, keep to the edge of the piste
  8. Obey all signs and markings
  9. If you see an accident or incident, it’s everyone’s responsibility to assist.
  10. If you’re involved in such an incident or witness one, you must exchange details with everyone at the scene.


Safety on the slopes – That all seems very straightforward!

The above rules are fairly simple and straightforward. By design they’re easy to remember and easy to follow. Why not print out a copy of the rules and keep them with your ski thermals for reference, both will come in exceptionally useful on your next ski trip!