How to Get Started Skiing

ski jumping

We know that skiing is a sport that is not exactly widely available to the masses and that nobody becomes a pro over night. However, when you are there in the moment, looking down the slopes at the world below your skis; everything falls into place and it really is not that hard at all.

Here are the main things you need to work on if you are going to become one with the slopes.


As you can guess, good balance is one of the most important things when you are on the slopes, without it you will simply fall over and that is not the best way to learn how to ski.

There are three main ways you can test your balance and improve it with practise;

Firstly, try standing on one leg for as long as you can, the more you try this the better you will get and the best part is you are not even on the slopes and you are already practising. This is an easy non-tiring method of building balance and to take your mind of it, try doing it while doing simply tasks around the home. Nobody can see you so what do you have to lose?

Secondly, walk around on tiptoes. It may sound foolish, but doing this around the house when doing meaningless tasks will put a little fun into it as well as building balance. See how long you can do this for, however, do not push yourself too hard as you are at risk of pulling a muscle.

Finally, try using a balance board. This is the most recommended way of building your balance and you can commonly find a balance board in your local gym or yoga studio. Failing that you can pick one up for a very low price and build your balancing up from home.


When it comes to skiing, you are obviously going to need the obvious skis or snowboard. However, you are going to need a few other extras to be able to ensure you have the best possible experience. You should concentrate on getting a helmet and safety gear, good quality ski boots and some ski poles.

Helmet and Safety Gear

When you are going skiing, you are going to need to look after yourself. It is not the most dangerous of sports but accidents happen and it is better to be safe but sorry, which makes investing in good quality equipment all more important. You should be aiming for thick gloves, a helmet and goggles, with the possible option of getting some skin and elbow pads as well. This should be enough to keep you safe as you hit the slopes and enjoy the thrills on offer.

Ski Boots

Your boots are very important; getting the fit and feel perfect will make the difference between being able to ski and falling over. You may need to seek some advice before buying ski boots because every bodies needs are difference and point to a different boot, the boots you need will even change depending on your level of skill. The more skilled you are the lighter and more angled your boots will be.

Ski Poles

You are going to need some poles for both turning sharp corners and manoeuvring in the snow on flat surfaces. These allow you to be able to propel yourself further and get more from your experience and can even be used to build speed.


Making sure you have thick pants, thick coat, thick socks and gloves is important. These are going to become even more important when you get high from the ground or if the weather decides to change. However, what is going to be the most important piece of clothing you will take, are your base layers. These will tie everything you are wearing together and ensure you get the warmest yet comfortable feel from your attire.

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Granted that advice is not always going to be the best quality, but take what you can from people and learn from it. When taking advice, you can usually tell quickly whose advice is useful and who is completely wrong. The trick is to listen to everything you hear and make your own judgement with the information you have been given and your common sense.