Family Ski Holidays in School Time

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A Family Ski Holiday in School Time is a sure fire way to get sent to the head teachers office but Ski lovers needn’t worry a slap wrist as Tutor House in London has the solution.

Taking your child out of school during term time is now a fine able offence, not all schools are fining but the process of taking your child out of school for the Ski season is more difficult than before.

The GCSE exams and the array of A-level exams always seem to be so close the ski season that the withdrawal of a child is not only forbidden by school but it’s can be damaging to grades and University prospects.

Ski Holiday Tuition

However, Tutor House in London has seen this gap in the market and set up schools that you can send your children too for a few hours each day whilst you are skiing. The best bit is that they are completing classes and coursework in the earlier and later hours of the day; so there is minimal effect on their skiing activities and they can meet you on the slopes in the nighttime and through the peak of the daytime.

The tuition comes at an added £500 a week and is available from the tour operators Perin, Inghams and Ski total. The course entails the children attending classes at the Val d’Isere conference centre at 8-11AM and then again at 4.30-6.30pm. Both of which are the times when the slopes are the least used, allowing the child to be able to attend the skiing with his family in the peak times of the day.

There is going to be a trial run of the tuition in 2016, which will commence on the weeks starting March 19th, March 26th and April 2nd. The tuitions will be covering the GCSE and A-level subjects of the children to be able to ensure they are being taught what they need to be able to help them with the exam. You can also relax because the company doing the teaching for the children is from London so all of the classes will be taught in English for the students.

The idea its self came to the group when they realised that people were missing holidays simply because they could not get their children away from school to be able to take them skiing. This new idea will allow them to be able to do just that and enjoy their family holidays whilst having the children with them. It will also allow the parents to evade those fines and other actions taken when the children are pulled out of school for holidays.

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