Why Wear Thermals at Sea

Why Wear Thermals at Sea






In the height of summer, when going on a yacht or cruise it seems unlikely you’d want to pack your thermals, however you’d be wrong to leave them at home.

Summer sea travel is at its all time high and with people heading out to be able to sail the seven seas in Yacht’s, Cruise Ships and even Paddleboards, it is safe to say there is plenty of traffic floating around right now.

Summer Nighttimes

Sailing the seven seas in the summer is considered the stuff of dreams with cruise ships taking you island hopping in exotic locations such as the Americas or the Mediterranean. However, although the summer weather in these locations is warm during the day, it is not as comfortable and bright during the evenings with a colder chill taking hold.

These areas in the nighttime can very often sea drops of 13-16 degrees in the night times, which may not seem like cold weather to some people, as this is still 15 or so degrees. However, when you have been in warm weather all day the temperature drops this low with significant crosswinds, it can begin to feel significantly chilly. Especially if you are out in the open ocean, where temperature can drop up to 20 degrees in the space of 7 hours; it is this sort of location that really requires S’No Queen Thermals.

Thermal wear that is placed on in the night time for relaxing on the ships or finishing that last push back to home in a sail boat or paddleboard can make all the difference in terms of comfort and can bring your body temperature down slowly with the moisture wicking technology, in turn adjusting you to the cooler nights.

Northern regions

The Northern most, Nordic regions of Europe and the north east coast of America can be cold all year round and require thermal wear just to be comfortable. A wide array of people head to these northern locations in the summer months to be able to view the historical sites and get involved in attractions such as whale watching and fishing along the coast of Iceland and Greenland. However, without the correct thermal wear in these regions you can quickly regret your journey and begin to feel the harsh arctic winds.

S’No Queen thermals are specifically designed for skiing and snow conditions and therefore can handle the arctic tundra and the crosswinds. However, we do advise using the 3-layer system as you would if you were skiing to be able to maintain a high level of heat. Using a base layer, fleece and a waterproof jacket allows you to be able to remove the fleece when you get to hot and reapply it if you were to see very poor weather conditions and needed it again.

South Hemisphere

Everything south of the equator as you know goes through winter during our summer and in turn, a cruise to places such as South Africa, America or the Australasian islands can become very cold very quickly. Locations such as Indian Ocean and the Australasian islands such as Thailand all succumb to monsoon season in the summer months so wearing your S’No queens becomes twice as important to be able to maintain heat.

S’No Queen thermals are great in rain environments due to their ability to be able to quickly dry off due to their poly-cotton blend. Therefore, if you were to be caught short in the rain you could be dry in no time once you have found shelter or equipped your coat.

Why Wear Thermals at Sea

Why S’No Queen

S’No Queen Thermals have a huge range of benefits such as a huge range of movement, durable build, wrapped and tapered fit, poly-cotton build and elasticised materials. However, one of the hugest benefits to this thermal wear is the ability for it to be able to dry quickly and retain heat. The ability to dry quickly and retain heat makes it perfect for wearing either around the boat or ship or for under your wet suit if you are choosing to paddleboard.

If you are looking to get your hands on a bespoke pair of S’No Queen Lady’s Thermals, check our collection and see what thermals are best for you.