Where to Ski In the Off Season

This time of year, everybody is out on the slopes enjoying themselves and living the Alpine life. However, there are still a few people that miss everything, as they simply cannot make it to the slopes during the skiing season. Things like Christmas, family and even work mean that we have to stay home and focus on other things through the winter. However, there is no need to be disheartened as there is a way that you will be able to enjoy the slopes through the summer.

Indoor Ski Slopes

Indoor Ski Slope - Off Season Skiing - Sno Queen

Indoor ski slopes are perfect for any ski lover, they are amazing to be able to just go for the day and keep you sane until winter. Yes, we know they are not exactly a bespoke Alpine luxury location but they do offer a little bit of thrill right on your doorstep, to be able keep your skills high until next winter. They are usually dotted around big cities and towns making them easily accessible to everybody, if you are looking for one local to you than simply try a Google search and you will find more than enough.

New Zealand

Off Season Skiing - New Zealand - S'No Queen

When it comes to skiing in New Zealand, there is nowhere more beautiful during the summer months. The Southern New Zealand Mountains offer lots to the native skier with five main skiing locations on offer.  You realistically have Christchurch, Methven, Mackenzie, Lake Wanaka and Queenstown, which are all on offer to you. Each of them has their own unique characteristics ranging from harder to easier slopes and variants in atmosphere. It’s always worth doing a little research into a resort before you go as each resorts positive is another resorts negative and it’s important to visit somewhere you’ll enjoy.


skiing In The Off Season - Argentina - S'No Queen

Argentina, a little like New Zealand, offers a range of resorts and each resort has unique characteristics to it. The most luxurious and exclusive of the resorts, would be Cerro Bay, which offers amazing views in the West Andes. The bay its self is actually a land locked lake that is at sea level surrounded by mountains on every size. This makes for a remote, exclusive resort that is perfect for anybody who wants to have the Alpine Lifestyle in the summer. On the other end of the spectrum there is Cerro Catedral, which is a resort offering steep slopes and more tricky surfaces to ski on, it has been made famous because of lots of national skiing events are held here due to its tricky nature. Well worth a visit for any skier who likes their jumps and tricks.


skiing in the off season - Chile - S'No Queen

Chile is an amazing place to ski in the summer months and it is also one of the rarest you hear of, Chile is very remote indeed so might need a few transfers to reach. However, if you like your privacy and tranquillity on the slopes it could be perfect for you.  Chile focus’ on skill more than anything else and each resort is tailored to exactly this. There are three notable resorts; firstly, there is El Colorado, which is tailored for beginners and skiers who like relaxing slopes. Then there is Vulcan Vilarrica Ski Centre which is an all round resort tailored for a range of abilities and finally the Ski Portillo which is very friendly to pro’s but unfriendly to just about any other level of skill. The choice is completely yours.


Skiing In The Off Season - Australia - S'No Queen

Australia comes across as a hot location that never sees snow and is famous for deserts and kangaroos. However, it actually holds an extensive mountain range that offers skiing to a wide range of slopes to skiers. It does however, only realistically specialise in slopes focused on beginners, this in turn means if you’re looking for challenging runs and stunts it’s probably not going to be the place for it. However, if you like a more relaxed and recreational experience when you go skiing it could be a perfect location for you to visit.

Just remember however, although it is summer here, it is going to be winter in the southern hemisphere and you are going to still need those warm S’No Queen Thermals.