Top Ski Resorts Celebrities Love – Ski With The Stars This Season

Which are the best resorts to Ski with the stars?

The world is full of wonderful places to ski and with the European resorts getting ready to take bookings and welcome new guests, it’s high time you gorgeous S’No Queens packed your designer thermals, started to make your bookings to make sure you get the best rooms at the best resorts. You deserve nothing less.

When it comes to choosing the right places, it’s always worthwhile to keep an eye on where the celebrities are skiing. With an army of staff and booking agents at their disposal, you can count on the famous, from stars of stage and screen to nobility and royalty, to choose only the finest places to spend their ski time. These are precisely the places where any S’No Queen belongs. For S’No Queens, to ski with the stars is to ski with her peers.


Verbier in Switzerland

Anyone wishing to ski with the stars would do well to ski in Switzerland. While any of Switzerland’s well known resorts, Klosters, St Moritz, Gstaad and Zermatt especially are frequented by the glitterati, it is Verbier where you’re most likely to find yourself sharing a slope with a celeb’.

Verbier isn’t just about luxury, exclusivity and opulence, the resort allows access to some of the best skiing you’ll find anywhere. With beautiful alpine scenery, unmistakeably Swiss architecture and terrain which will suit and/or challenge skiers from beginners through to seasoned pro, Verbier is as thrilling as it is glamorous.


Courchevel in France

Reassuringly expensive, faultless and impeccably groomed North facing slopes, Michelin starred eateries and some ultra luxury chalets which can cost as much to rent for a week as a new Range Rover costs to buy, it’s no wonder the rich and famous head to the five villages which make up the Trois Vallées resort of Courchevel for their winter getaways. The private airfield gives away clues as to how they get there too!

While Courchevel is far from being a budget option, if you treat yourself to a ski holiday here, you’re sure to have a fabulous time. There are over 90 miles of slopes, so while it’s a great place to ski with the stars, you stand more chance of bumping into a celebrity in the Apres than you do on the mountain.


 Zürs in Austria

While a relatively small resort, Zürs holds it’s own in terms of exclusivity. This exclusivity comes at a cost, but who can put a price on a truly magical ski holiday?

Located on the Arlberg ski region, Zürs is frequented by Royalty and the wealthy. With its more compact size, not only will you almost certainly ski with the stars, you’ll stand a greater chance of bumping into them in the Apres too. A good job you’ll be wearing your S’No Queen designer thermals, you’ll be sure to attract their admiration; don’t be surprised to be asked who’s your tailor!


Mont Blanc on the French/Italian Border

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and boasts amongst the best skiing in either France or in Italy depending on which side of the mountain you ski down. For celebrity spotting, you can’t go far wrong by staying on the French side in Chamonix, regarded by some as the ski capital of the world.

Mont Blanc has a 12-mile ski run which is one of the longest in Europe and Chamonix itself gained widespread fame by hosting the 1924 Winter Olympics. With jaw-dropping scenery, famously challenging terrain for the experts and a wealth of slopes for the less hardcore, it’s no wonder Mont Blanc is a must visit destination for the serious ski enthusiast, celebrities included.


Aspen in America

While these European resorts in the winter are arguably the only real choice for those seeking the last word in skiing and luxury, there are other places around the world where celebrities travel in order to ski in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. Aspen in Colorado, USA sees more than it’s fair share of A-list ski enthusiasts, so if you want to ski with the stars, you stand a better chance here if you find yourself Stateside in the winter.

With a healthy drop of powder, especially from December to February, Aspen isn’t just about glamour, there’s great skiing to be had here too with well over 300 runs to choose from as well as a chance to try your hand dog sleds and snowmobiles should you so choose.


Skiing with the stars – S’No Queens are True Ski Royalty

No matter where you choose to ski and no matter who you find yourselves skiing with, you’ll always be comfortable wearing your S’No Queen designer thermals. Draw attention and admiration from all corners of the Apres as you out-glitter the glitterati from the moment you shed your ski jacket. If a Hollywood heartthrob offers to buy you a drink, all the better!

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