Tipples to try as you tour the World’s Après

Tipples to try as you tour the World's Après

Each Country has it’s own Après Flavours

For S’No Queens determined to get more powder this year than they did last, there’s always another ski trip to plan, a new mountain to conquer and a new resort to explore.

Part of exploring a new resort is experiencing the Après scene after an exhilarating day on the slopes and enjoying the flavour of the locale in all of its uniqueness. Wherever you might be skiing in the world, you’ll usually be able to pick whichever post-piste tipple you fancy, but there are almost always some interesting local beverage you really should try while you’re in a bar that serves them. Look out for these and local Après favourites and don’t forget to sample!


France – Vin Chaud

This literally translates as ‘hot wine’. Forget about the supermarket mulled wine you might have have been given over Christmas, this is the real deal, made with hot red wine, orange, cinnamon and orange.

Norway – Akvavit

If you’re skiing in Norway, you really must try the Akvavit. It’s a Scandinavian spirit distilled from either grain or potatoes and flavoured by a blend of spices and herbs (primarily caraway or dill), but may also contain, cardamom, fennel, aniseed and lemon or orange peel.

Italy – Caffe Coretto

Sometimes known as Espressocorretto, Cafe Coretto is a simple shot of espresso mixed with grappa (or if not grappa, another liqueur such as brandy or sambuca). A short, but rich and warming tipple.

Finland – Terva Snapsi

There are many speciality Apres drinks to try in Finland, most are vodka based or vodka equivalents, often with a flavour of salt and/or liquorice. For us though, Terva Snapsi is one of the more interesting flavours. A Finnish favourite Made with from Pine Tar and with a distinct smokey flavour, it’s an acquired taste, but you should try it at least once!

Austria – Flugel

While you’ll no doubt gravitate to the Jägermeister when enjoying the Austrian Apres scene, don’t forget to try Flugel while you’re there. Flugel is made with red vodka and contains guarana and caffeine (like a Vodka Red Bull). Despite being far more ubiquitous nowadays it has it’s origins in the Apres bars.

Switzerland – Fernet Branca

As in Austria, it might be tempting to plump straight for the Jäger-Bombs, but you’d be missing out. Fernet-Branca has its origins in Italy and while the exact recipe for this dark red spirit is a secret, it is known that chamomile, peppermint, myrhh and saffron are amongst them.


No matter which country you’re in, or what tipple you’re enjoying, make sure you take a little sparkle with you and Après is style with your S’No Queen designer thermals.

Wherever you travel in the search of snow, you’ll find an Apres or its local equivalent. Wherever you find an Apres, you’ll find an interesting and memorable flavour to celebrate your skiing success on the slopes.

What unique Après flavours have you discovered on your ski travels?