The Best Ski Resorts for What You Love The Most

We all love skiing and relaxing in front of the fire after a long day on the slopes. However, it is the different reasons as to why we like skiing that makes it popular. We like it for the beauty of the landscape to the adrenaline of the downhill plunge or even simply for the luxurious nature and surroundings of the resorts. Here is the best ski resorts you can visit tailored to you:

Beautiful Landscapes


Whistler Blackcomb is always a good place to visit if you want to appreciate the lay of the land as its rolling hills and endless pine forests look amazing in the winter years with all the snow and festive aesthetics. Nestled in British Columbia, Canada, you really are completely in an untouched area of Canada with little to no input from the outside world.

The resort here is a minimalistic chalet at best but there is a higher end luxury resort a short distance away with guides that will bring you to this citadel of beauty. This is truly a ski resort to put on your bucket list if you love the athletics of the great outdoors.


mt fort

The adrenaline of hitting the slopes in Mt Fort is one of the strongest feelings you can feel. The exclusive yet dramatic feel and appeal of the mountain range makes it perfect for hitting high speed and doing tricks uninterrupted by novice skiers. We recommend only hitting this slope if you have a high level of experience, as the skiing in the particular region can be particularly unforgiving to the new comer. You can even pay for optional extras such as jumping from a helicopter before taking to slope on and lots of other action packed activities.

Luxurious Nature


Verbier is a very high-end luxurious ski resort in Switzerland that boasts the rich and famous making a visit every year. This is why the resort offers a range of high-end shopping stores such as Chanel and Gucci, plus champagne collections from the great names such as Dom Perignon. The small things all contribute into making this resort a bespoke paradise for the higher social classes. Perfect even for an S’No Queen.



Cortina, Italy is the perfect place to be heading to this winter as it has a significant amount of range within the town. This means that if you have a specific want to your ski holiday it will more than likely fulfil it. If you like the pro atmosphere and the competing with each other, it has a strong sense of competition on the harder slopes with a sense of novice and helping the newer groups on the lesser slopes. If you are into your nightlife or having a quiet drink after a night on the slopes there is a range of quiet bars, which get larger and larger as you head through the town and eventually turn into larger busier bars.


As you can see, the different locations will benefit you in different ways, it is always worth spending an hour or two simply look at a resort and seeing what is on offer before going. What somebody recommends as an amazing ski resort might not be for the same reasons you love and you might not like it as much. Remember regardless of where you travel too, S’No Queen thermals will keep you comfortable and warm.