Summer Holidays in the Alps

The Alps can be an amazing location to head for a skiing holiday during the winter, alpine lifestyle and beautiful scenery can really come together to be able to make the whole experience amazing. However, so many people seem to overlook the summer months to be able to head to the Alps and we have no idea why, so we have brought you some of the benefits of the Alps during summer for you to take a look at.

Quieter Months

If you prefer a relaxed holiday that allows you to be able to unwind and take things slow, then the Alps in the summer months might be the best location for you. With the summer coming in the off-season and attracting a lot less people than the winter, it is the best way to be able to visit the Alps and completely avoid the crowds.

The quieter months also mean that you have a lot more choices for things such as accommodation and transport. With less people heading to the Alps there is usually more rooms vacant along with reduced air and train fairs and a lot more free spaces in sporting events. This simply makes everything on your holiday a little more efficient and cuts out all of the queues that the winter and snow brings.


The weather in the summer months is a lot more forgiving then the weather of the winter; the snowline begins to crawl its way back up the mountains and reveals endless valleys, pine forests and flower gardens which give a whole new perspective on the location and in turn allow you to be able to really enjoy the area. This gives you an amazing opportunity to be able to explore the revealed landscape in full and see what the Alps have to offer.

Even with the summers sun and the snow lifting, it can still fall to really low temperatures on the slopes so it’s always best to be able to pack your S’No Queens just in case and prepare for the alpine conditions.

Range Of Activities

The Alpine summer brings more depth to the mountain range, revealing completely new tracks, views and locations due to the rise of the snow. Cave exploring, gorge walking and water sports become widely available, along with more tamed sports such as horse riding, hiking and mountain biking. Sports like this are not as available in the winter and in turn, it opens up all new possibilities for the Alps during summer.

There is even skiing still available for die-hard skiers in the higher more remote locations within the range. These glaciers bring in a lot more people through the summer months and have a lot less crowds, in turn making them perfect for a more relaxed experience.

If you are heading to the Alps this summer then remember to pack your S’No Queens, the temperatures here can drop very low due to its elevation and in turn in the evenings and the nighttime it can be very cold indeed. Take a look at our range to be able to see what is on offer and pick the perfect ladies thermals for you.