Make Morocco’s Mountains Your Secret Ski Escape

Make Morocco's Mountains Your Secret Ski Escape

Make The Most of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains

In the search for a hidden gem ski resort before it’s ‘discovered’ by the mainstream masses, wise S’No Queens might consider making their way to Morocco and experiencing the surprisingly good skiing to be had there.

A book of world maps is commonly referred to an Atlas, a name taken from Greek Mythology –  the story of Atlas – a legendary figure who stands on the worlds tallest mountain and holds up the sky. The mountains, who take their name from this legend are located in the North African country of Morocco and the view from the peak of the High Atlas reminds you of what lies beyond as despite the snow on the mountain the Saharan desert can be seen on a clear day.


Morocco’s Resorts Are Being Uprated Catch Them While You Can

With the heat and unmistakable culture of Morocco, it might be a surprising choice of destination for those wishing to ski off the beaten track, but for those taking the plunge, you’ll discover an experience like no other in Africa’s highest Ski Resorts.

At the moment, the resorts are quirky and eclectic. What the locals refer to as ‘pistes’ aren’t groomed to quite the standard as you’d expect elsewhere, but they are skiable. There are leisurely ski lifts which cost very little and

A diamond in the rough like this couldn’t last long before being subjected to a cut and polish and the High Atlas resorts are currently being eyed up for significant investment, so if you’d like to experience this unique skiing experience as is, book your ski trip as soon as you can, before it becomes a bit more like everywhere else.


Stylish Ski Thermals Are A Must

With the extremes of temperature, you’ll be glad to have your S’No Queen Designer Thermals Handy. As with any day out skiing, layers are essential and never more so than Skiing in Morocco. You might need your big ski jacket on the mountain, but you’ll doubtless be stripping down to your base-layer everywhere else. Make sure you have thermals you’ll want to be seen in on hand, you’re likely to get ample opportunity to show them off!