Back Country Bucket List

Back Country Bucket List

Backcountry Skiing has been around for centuries but has recently seen a reincarnation and became very popular indeed. However, what exactly is backcountry skiing and why is it so amazing and popular all of a sudden?

What Exactly is Backcountry Skiing

Back country skiing is the same as off piste skiing but for some reason seems to be called backcountry skiing in just about every country that the Alps do not call home. For this reason, many people seem to refer is to back country unless they have spent significantly longer amounts of time in the alpine ski resorts.

Backcountry or Alpine skiing is simply the process of heading away from the resorts and into the snow-covered wilds to explore what is available. However, the majority of people tend to prefer back country skiing simply for the aesthetic benefits of there being little to no human development to the areas and it is a completely untouched part of wilderness offering amazing views and a unique experience.

Best Places to Head for Backcountry Skiing?

With backcountry skiing seeming so appealing for the modern day skier, it is always best to know exactly where to go if you want to try it out. Therefore, here are a few breathtaking locations to ski this season.


Best Places to Head for Backcountry Skiing?

Tignes is a resort in the Alps that boasts some of their most remote ski runs in the region. The resort its self is in a valley basin a short journey away from Val d’Isere and in turn is accessible due to its high level of tourism. However, as soon as you leave the boundaries of the resort you encounter some very desolate and baron environments that can be very fun to ski and explore.

These barren environments are prone to powder so the snow feels amazing under your feet when it comes to skiing a slope. Just ensure you take your probe, transceiver and shovel with you if you head to this location, as you will have a very hard time without them due to the very high levels of snow that fall here and the constant risk of snow displacement.

Also, remember that due to the barren nature of the land around the resort combined with the high level of powder, in times of storms there is an extremely low range of visibility therefore it can be very difficult to navigate simply. Travel with caution and always check your safety gear before heading out.


Best Places to Head for Backcountry Skiing?

Chamonix is a ski resort with a very high level of snow and in turn, the rigid landscape surrounding the resort can be dangerous for the un-skilled skier. We recommend if you are heading to this resort that you should take a significant amount of safety gear such as your shovel, probe and transceiver along with investing in an ABS airbag to be able to cushion any falls and situations you may get yourself in on this range.

The range its self should also be under taken with a friend as in the event of an emergency, 75% of the back country skiing is not accessible via the normal ski route and pathways and in turn the majority of your journey will be far away from the beaten track in remote environments.


Best Places to Head for Backcountry Skiing?

Niseko is a Japanese resort, which again is famous for its high levels of powder. This resort and its backcountry regions are like no other ski resorts in the world as they all have been left in the past in a matter of speaking. This in turn means that a variety of the ski lifts in the area can seem very old fashioned along with a very low level of human contact with the region, which leaves very rural and hard to navigate tracks. Whilst at the same time it also allows the location to be able to boast some of the most beautiful backcountry skiing views of any other resort in the world.

Due to this thick snow and high level of powder, the whole region requires a very high level of fitness to be able to navigate and in turn if you’re heading here to be able to conduct back skiing, it’s well worth training to do some weights or cardio before you leave and head to this environment.

If you’re considering backcountry skiing then take a look through our range of thermals to be able to see what we have on offer for you to be able to wear to keep warm on the slopes. Our thermal wear all comes with an amazing feel, along with a great fabric to be able to retain heat sufficiently therefore it is a favourite for a number of backcountry skiers across the world.

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