Après Ski Cocktails – Which Flavour do you Favour?

Après Ski Cocktails - Which Flavour do you Favour?

No Ski holiday is complete without indulging in the traditional ski fashion of enjoying a few happy afternoons spent unwinding in the Après-Ski bar, sharing breathless tales of a fabulous day on the mountain and enjoying the obligatory Après Ski Cocktails as the sun goes down.

As ever, the staff at any Après Ski bar will be accomplished creators of any Après Ski Cocktails you could ever wish to drink, but if you’re looking for inspiration beyond the usual beer, Vin Chaud and Jaeger-Bombs, why not order one of the following to warm you up as you unwind?


  • Irish Coffee

A simple classic, but no less welcome, this combination fo freshly ground coffee and Irish Whiskey, with a whipped cream topping is doubly warming as the heat of the coffee and the glow of the whiskey combine to ward off even the chilliest temperatures, while the coffee is sure to help keep you awake long enough to enjoy your evening.


  • Bombardino

If you’re skiing in Italy, chances are you’ve tried a Bombardino and if you haven’t you definitely should. Made with Brandy and egg liqueur, with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon, it’s superficially like a less ‘dense’ eggnog. It’s also a little stronger than an eggnog, so be careful how many you order!


  • Hot Buttered Rum

As the name suggests, hot buttered rum is a hot drink, with rum and butter in it. The heat typically comes from either hot water, or hot cider and as well as the rum and butter, a little extra flavour comes from a selection of spices typically added to this winter favourite.


  • Espresso Martini

Just as popular off the slopes, the Espresso Martini is one of the most popular Après Ski Cocktails. A perfect combination of fresh coffee, vodka and coffee liqueur, sometimes with sugar syrup and a decoration of coffee beans, this will warm you up as it perks you up.


  • Powderhound

Made with Vodka, pomegranate and lemon juice, orange bitters, cayenne pepper, with Liqueur and syrup, this is a drink with a restrained bite and a slow burn.


  • Dutch Tea

Why should coffee drinkers have all the fun? Taking a special type of tea, chocolate vodka and some thick cream, Dutch Cream takes a warm refreshing beverage and piles on the decadence with chocolate, cream and a little alcohol.


Don’t Be Afraid to try out new Après Ski Cocktails

Every Après-ski bar will have its own specialities and while these tried and true favourites are sure to tickle your taste buds and ‘warm your cockles’ after a long and tiring day carving up the mountain, there are countless recipes, new and old to help you finish off a perfect day of skiing in exactly the right way.

Simply slip off your ski jacket and show off your S’No Queen designer thermals and you’ll already look like you’re dressed for a cocktail party!

Keep an eye out for what’s popular and if the bartender recommends an Après Ski Cocktail you’ve never had before, live a little and try one!