A Skiers Guide to Whistler

Whistler Blackbomb

Whistler is an amazing skiing location, which is open all year round and sits in the Canadian Rockies. The beautiful landscape surrounding the mountain combined the wide array of activities available makes the whole experience something to be desired.


The resort its self is called Whistler but has a mountain on either side; one of which is called whistler and the other is called Blackcomb, which is where the whistler Blackcomb resort got its name. The resort its self is in the southern area of the British Columbia province and in turn boasts an amazing climate, which has cold weather through the winter and warm in the summer. The resort also has a glacier location making it amazing for skiing all year round combined with its close proximity to Vancouver for fast access from other countries.


The climate in Blackcomb is very varied with the summers being very hot and dry where as the winters can reach temperatures of below minus 10 degrees bringing in a very high level of snow. This in turn means that your S’No Queen thermals are necessary here as the temperature wicking material is important to cool you down in the summer and the thermal qualities are important to be able to keep you comfortable and warm through winter.

There is a wide range of terrains around Whistler with the extensive array of mountains surrounding this one and the range of valleys and cliff faces in the region. However, the majority of the landscape seems to be pine forest, which is used to create downhill mountain bike tracks in the summer. The snow bedding which is used for the backcountry skiing and runs in the winter.

What is available

Within the region, there is a huge amount of winter sports available, more so after the Whistler Blackcomb held the Olympics in 2010 and brought in a huge array of infrastructure and sports grounds for you to enjoy. These range from downhill runs, ramps, jumps and even the bobsled for the more speed driven skier. Whistler Blackcomb also has a huge snowboarding community having held the snowboarding world cups for a range of different boarding association and being home to some of the best snowboarders in the world. The resort is often on the magazine cover of snowboarder and White Lines for having completed some amazing feet that was previously through impossible.

The terrain park at whistler is also one of the biggest park networks of any resort in the world with a total of 5 parks scattered across 99 acres of run and consisting of;

  • a 18 foot high and 310 metres long mid run half pipe
  • 90 + grind rails of all different angles and turns
  • 150+ features such as flattops
  • 40+ ramps and significant jumps
  • Parks re-sheeted every 6 hours.

This terrain park in turn brings people all over the world to be able to try it out and brings in a total of 1,400 people to its gates an hour, although due to its sheer size it still seems fairly scarce.

Finally, there is the huge mountain biking and downhill trial biking community who come to make the mountain home through the summer and can be found on the Whistler Blackcomb. Although the top is a glacier ski resort the bottom and mid-section of the mountain is used for mountain biking and in turn the sheer size of the competitions and tournaments that call the mountain home is a spectacle.

Remember to take your S’No Queens to the resort if you are thinking of heading out this winter and want to make the most from your experience. The resort can get chilly and you are going to need them.