Channel 4's The Jump

The Jump Channel 4

S'No Queen were happy to announce this year that we were the official sponsors and suppliers of S'No queen thermals for the jump . However, for those of you who missed it, here is some information on Channel 4's The Jump.

What is The Jump?

The Jump is a Channel Four TV program where 12 celebrity contestants go head to head in eight different winter sports to be able to win a prestigious cowbell. The contestants and sports vary from year to year and each year things get a little more interesting. With the previous series 3 we saw things getting heated and interesting indeed, especially in the later stages of the tounament. The eight sports included things such as bobsleigh, giant slalom, ski cross, speed skating and skeleton.

The show was hosted by Davina McCall who you would have recognised from massive names such as big brother, strictly come dancing and even the previous series' of the jump.

When Was The Jump on TV

The jump hit channel four live on January the 31st at 7.30PM.  Unlike previous years The Jump was be on weekly basis instead of nightly which gave the celebrities more time to improve their skills and also get to know each other better. This certainly added a bit more excitement and adrenaline to the show.

Where is The Jump Filmed

Channel 4's The Jump was filmed in Innsbruck, Austria and is usually filmed there every year in the Austrian Alps. This makes the perfect location due to its natural beauty and prestigious reputation. This year the celebrity contestants also be shared a Ski Lodge so we will get to see footage of how they get on après ski and between jumps.

Who Was In The Jump

Channel Fours the Jump was host to a cast of 12 celebs and 2 reserve celebs to be able to stand in for injuries. There was also your host Davina McCall, from huge shows such as big brother and Strictly Come Dancing. S'No Queen officially supplyied our designer thermals to the female celebrities, although Louis Spence was partial to our sparkly headbands in previous years. 

 S'No Queen thermals are designed not only to keep you warm, comfortable and flexible under your Ski colthes, they are also perfect for apres ski when you want to look good, and no one understands looking good and having fun like the celebritie who took part in this year's The Jump.

Why not take a look through which contestants competed in the jump this year?


Louisa Lytton 

Louisa Lytton The Jump

Louisa Lytton is a young female actress living in Islington, you will recognise from Eastenders, the Bill or even Strictly Come Dancing where she managed to be able to last a total of 10 weeks getting her into the quarter finals. 


Dean Cain

 Dean Cain The Jump

Dean Cain is an American actor you may recognise as superman, after playing his part in Lois and Clarke Adventures and even E4's Smallville appearing as Doctor Knox. The actor himself was raised in Santa Monica where he went to high school alongside Charlie Sheen, Robert Downy and even the Lowe Brothers, Chad and Rob. He apparently excelled in sports all through high school and is still very athletic to this day.

Sarah Harding

 Sarah Harding The Jump

Sarah Harding, famous from being in the Girls Aloud group and her role in the St Trinnians films her career has took her from singing to song writing and even acting.  

Linford Cristie

 Linford Christie The Jump

Linford Cristie has been made famous for being an Olympic athlete in his early career before going onto acting in the hustle and even showing his face in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2010.  With Linford Cristie taking part in over hundred events and himself winning 24 major championships and taking home ten gold medals, He is commonly considered Britain's most decorated athlete.

Rebecca Adlington

 Rebecca Adlington The Jump

Rebecca Adlington born and raised in Nottingham is a former Olympian swimmer who has won two gold medals in her career so far, each in the 400-metre and 800-metre freestyle. She has made many guest appearances on multiple TV shows over the last couple of years and even finished in sixth place on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2010. 

Mark Francis Vandelli

 Mark Francis Made In Chelsea

Mark-Francis Vandelli was made famous from his appearance in made in Chelsea. Mark Francis Vandelli unfortunately wants to be able to remain unknown when it comes to his past and his life and for that reason, there is little regarding Mark-Francis Vandelli that is known.  

Brian Mcfadden

 Biran McFadden The Jump

Brian McFadden known from his part in the Irish boy band Westlife, the singer songwriter from Dublin now resides in Australia and even made the panel of Australia's Got Talent in 2004. 

Beth Tweddle

 Beth Tweddle

Beth Tweddle is a former GB artistic gymnast that has won a total of 28 medals through her career, 14 of which were gold. She has participated in the Olympics in Athens, Beijing and London shows the extensive nature of her sporting career.  

James Argent

 James Argent Arg The Jump

James Argent was born and raised in Waltham Forest on the outer reaches of London city. He took to fame when he was first cast in the only way is Essex as Arg and since then has been a radio DJ and a guest on a number of TV shows such as celebrity all stars and Britain's Got More Talent. 

Tina Hobley

 Tina Hobley

Tina Hobley being an actress for Holby City and a radio presenter for Smooth FM it is safe to say she's a well known name. Born in Hampstead she quickly adapted to the life of being a television personality and flourished when she found fame in Coronation Street and the bill.  


Sid Owen

 Sid Owen The Jump Channel 4

Sid Owen has had a very extensive acting career appearing in lots of household TV programs and films since 1983. Most recently was strictly come dancing in 2012 and before that Eastenders. Having such a extensive experience in acting he is sure to have built up a skill set in many different roles. 

Tamara Beckwith

 Tamara Beckwith The Jump

Tamara Beckwith has been a television presenter in lots of different TV shows over the years ranging from the serious "Watchdog" all the way to the more laid back MTV, she has also starred in dancing on ice in 2006 so has experience on the ice. 

Injury reserves for The Jump

With the jump delving into the realm of extreme sports, there needs to be two celebs on hand to be able to take the reins if there is an injury. Take a look at the two reserves!

Gemma Merna

Gemma Merna plays the role of Carmel Valentine in Hollyoaks and competed in on the hit TV show splash, where she was mentored by Tom Daily. You may also have seen her in big brothers on the side and all-star family fortunes.

Tom Parker

The English-Irish singer Tom Parker was made famous through being a singer in the boy band the wanted in 2010, the band is currently taking a break to be able to peruse their own solo careers but will be making a comeback in the future.