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The Birthplace of Skiing - Altay Prefecture In China

The Birthplace of Skiing – Altay Prefecture In China

Recent discoveries suggest that Altay in China might be the birthplace of skiing dating back over 8000 years. The skis which could have been used aren't as different as you

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Tips for a great skiing holiday

S'No Queen has put together a few tips to be able to make the most of your getaway.

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5 Of The Coldest Places In The World To Live

We know that most of you don't go out anywhere without your designer thermals on during winter but for some people they have no choice but to wear their trendy

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World’s Highest Ski Resorts

So here is a list a the world's highest ski resorts for you to visit in your designer thermals. The highest ski resorts require the best thermals

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Europe’s Coolest Ice Bars

We are going to run you through some of the coolest ice bars in Europe for you to visit in you winter thermals.


The importance of eco-friendly ski resorts

More and more ski resorts are now accepting the fact that environmental responsibility can go hand in hand with healthy business growth

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The snow season has started early

Great news this week as many of you are getting closer to that white christmas you have always dreamed of. It certainly is a fantastic start to the season in