Why Should You Wear S’No Queen Thermals ?

S'No Queen Thermals - Why Should You Wear S'No Queen Thermals?

Wearing base layers may seem like a strange concept to the new wearer; with aspects like the fit, extra warmth and the technology involved with the thermal wear, it is not really a huge surprise. However, thermal wear should be your best friend, not a stranger.

Comfortable Fitted Thermals

When it comes to wanting to be comfortable, little beats the S’No Queen Thermals range. That feeling of the thermals wrapping around your body in the soft elastically fabric just makes you want to sink into the thermal wear and never move. S’No Queen Thermals comfortable nature makes them the perfect addition for your wardrobe whether you want them to ski, go to the gym in or simply to be able to wear around the house and for the school run.

The thermals themselves also have a very high threshold when it comes to stretching or tearing due to their thick nature and elastic reinforcement simply as they were developed for luxury sports such as skiing or equestrian related activities. This in turn means that regardless of your sport and activity, the thermals themselves will not easily damage, stretch or deteriorate and will last a very long time indeed, more so if you are simply wearing them as a casual undergarment.

Moisture Wicking Thermals

The S’No Queen Thermal garment its self is a moisture wicking thermal wear piece. This in turn means that the thermals themselves prevent perspiration and keep you fresh throughout your sporting activity of choice or simply through your day-to-day life.

Moisture wicking technology works through having a fabric, which allows liquid to only pass outwards and prevents it seeping back into the fabric. This in turn draws any perspiration away from your body and pushes it the surface of the fabric where it can quickly dissolve. In turn preventing sweat patches and the look of fatigue in the clothing it’s self.

S’No Queen thermals are crafted from a Polycotton blend supported by an elastic reinforcement to be able to aid this technology and in turn dry more efficiently than most other thermal brands. This faster drying puts S’No Queen thermals on the forefront in terms of moisture wicking technology and a must buy for anybody who wants to use thermal wear for their sport of choice.

Temperature Controlled Thermals

The Temperature control aspect of S’No Queen thermals is due to the cross platform nature of the brand and the thermal wear. The thermals have been made for both the cold alpine weather and the warmer environment of the British summer or the inside of a gym. This in turn means that the thermals can both heat up in the cold and cool down in the heat depending on climate.

The thermals themselves have been designed with fit in mind and it’s this fit that traps heat and works like an installation layer on the skin, in turn allowing you to be able to quickly warm up in colder conditions. Then on the other hand, there is the warmer environment, which requires the thermals to cool down. When the thermals reach a certain temperature, you will begin to perspire and in turn, the moisture wicking technology will kick in. At this point, you will begin to feel the temperature of the material its self-cool and begin to drop, in turn cooling you down.

When this temperature has dropped and your body has cooled your perspiration will stop, the moisture wicking technology will stop as you are no longer perspiring and you will be at an ideal temperature. This cycle will continue repeatedly until you have removed the thermals and will keep you at an average of 16-18 degrees.

If S’No Queen Thermals interest you, why not look through our entire range of bespoke thermals to be able to gain the benefits of Moisture wicking technology, temperature control and an amazing fit.