Why go to the gym in S’no Queen

These days no matter which gym you go everyone likes to look fashionable as well as healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you are going in to jog on the treadmill, lift some weights or even do a spinning class, S’No Queen thermals offer a wide range of benefits so take a look at what our thermals can do for you

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The ideal temperature

The S’No Queen thermals have been made from a poly cotton blend to be able to help support temperature control when you throughout your exercise. This means even throughout Winter you will be able to keep your body the correct temperature. The thermal wear will work as a heat insulator and in turn warm you up to an ideal temperature for whatever exercise you are doing on any given day. For those of you that get too hot from exercising even in Winter then our thermals are also perfect for you.

When you begin to get too hot, through a high level of exercise or on a warmer day, the thermal wear will absorb your perspiration and this will begin to cool the fabric and in turn cool you down. This high level of temperature control is great at being able to keep you at a sustainable and comfortable level, in turn allowing you to be able to focus primarily on exercising at the gym.

The perfect fit

The S’No Queen thermal wear has been designed with a tailored and slimming fit to be able to hug the skin and have the most efficient effect. This tight fit allows it to be able to absorb more perspiration and in turn trap the temperature to be able to maintain heat. What is different for S’No queen is the high level of elasticity and strength within the fit. This high level of elasticity means that the thermals will not become worn or stretched after being worn a lot and in turn make for a better fit during your workouts.

S’No Queen thermals have a great fit for sport and in turn allow a complete and unrestricted range of movement, this in turn making them perfect for a wide array of sports and activities both in the gym and outdoors. The range of movement also comes through the material as well as the fit, meaning the thermals can still hug your body and allow movement.

The unique design

The S’No Queen thermals are very light weight which makes them perfect gym clothing, the lightweight, fitted fabric means that you will not be weighed down whilst you complete your exercises.

The thermal wear is also designed to be able to be worn in different environments, so when you get your S’No Queen thermals, they’ll be as suitable for a exercising in as they will for going to see friends for a meal. This success in cross over means that the thermals can be used in more than just your gym outfit and allows you to be able to get the most out of your luxury thermal wear.

If you want to be able to get your very own set of S’No Queen Thermals then take a look through our entire ladies thermals range to be able to see what is on offer for you.