Weather Freezes Britain


With the recent weather seeming to be getting colder by the day and the trend set to continue for at least a week, it’s safe to say that you are glad you bought those Thermals in time. However, even though you’ve bought those S’No Queen thermals and you’re going to be nice and warm you probably still want to know why exactly it is so cold and when it’s going to warm up slightly?

Why Is It So Cold?

Unfortunately, it seems to be a combination of El Nino and an Atlantic Hurricane. The El Nino event is where pressure changes take place in the south pacific, which in turn causes wind and temperature changes across the globe, effecting weather patterns and bringing worse weather to the UK. When this is combined with the winter hurricane Andy, the effects of El Nino are more severe and in turn have a stronger push on the UK’s eco system.

How Long Will It Be Cold?

This snowy weather should only last around 10 days and should be long gone by the beginning of February, so if you’re looking to have fun in the snow while it’s still around you are best doing it now before it’s too late.

How Will The Snow Affect Me?

Well, this weather can affect many different things.

Firstly, if you are going to be getting any trains or flights then you are going to need to check to see if they are still running. Many services simply cannot cope with the weather and shut down in the UK until it is over. The best way to check if the transport services you need it available is through an app or online; this is often a lot quicker than giving them a call in the colder months.

Secondly, you are going to be very cold without your S’No Queen thermals so it is going to be worth investing in some new ones or simply wearing some you already have to stay warm through the blizzard like conditions.

Finally, you are going to need to drive slowly in these conditions to be able to stay safe on the roads. This means taking it easy as much as possible and maybe packing a few extras in the car in case of emergency on the open roads.

If you want to be able to stay warm through the harsh British winters then check out our Ladies Thermal Selection.