Temperatures plummet, but you don’t have to freeze

cold snap, freeze

This weeks’ freeze – don’t let the frost bite

They say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing and this weeks big freeze will be the test of many a winter wardrobe.

As the UK braces itself for sub-zero temperatures, savvy S’No Queens are no doubt relishing the opportunity to break out their designer thermals and swapping feeling the chill with feeling fabulous.

S’No Queen designer thermals are made with skiing, snowboarding and the sub-zero mountain air in mind. Acting as a  technical thermal base layer to keep the wearer warm, dry and comfortable no matter how low the temperatures dip.

Not only are S’No Queen thermals perfect for wearing beneath numerous layers to keep away the chill, they’re also stylish enough for you to want to show them off when you’re back indoors. You won’t be afraid to take off you ‘big coat’ knowing that there’s extra sparkle hiding beneath.


How long will this chill last?

According to the current weather forecast, we’ll be in the grips of this Scandinavian freeze until mid February, so if ever you needed an excuse to treat yourself (or to be treated) to some S’No Queen designer thermals, then there’s never been a better time.

S’No Queens with a taste for the piste are at home when the ground turns white, dressing for the weather comes as second nature. So even if you’ve never taken to the slopes, experienced the joys of the piste or the thrills of the back country, you can at least take a leaf from the books of the ladies who hurtle down the Alpine mountains and keep yourself warm just like they do.


Order today and stay warm every winter

As the weather brings a taste of the powder covered slopes to our doorsteps, we’re reminded that a cold snap can descend at any time. With the ever-changing British weather, it’s always smart to be prepared for whatever the elements can throw at you and when preparedness looks so pretty, you’ll never want to take your thermals off!

With our speedy courier service, it’s not too late to order your own set of designer thermals and fight back against the frost. Check out our 2018 range of winter thermals and pick yourself something wonderful.