Stay warm at the stables – winter with horses

winter with horses

Equestrians needn’t freeze in the winter

The summer months make being a horse owner a joy. There’s no better way to get out in the countryside or to spend time outdoors than to throw a saddle on your horse and while away the warm sunny days exploring. Grooming, mucking out and socialising with the other horsey folks are simple pleasures. Spending time simply pottering about the yard provides a wonderful escape from whatever troubles you might have.

During the winter, however, the livery yard becomes a less welcoming place. Your horse spends more time in his stable and therefore needs more mucking out, freezing pipes, dark wet days and bitter temperatures make looking after a horse during the winter a much more challenging prospect.


Stay warm while you wield your wheelbarrow

While your yard may well have all the facilities to keep your horse well looked after all year round, it’s unlikely there’s central heating in the stables.

We can’t do anything about the cold, the dark or the water pipes having frozen again, but we can help you stay warm while you look after your horse through the winter. At S’No Queen, our range of designer thermals are made to help you withstand the worst of what the winter can throw at you and help you look fabulous even with a shavings fork in hand.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a brew room on your stable block, you won’t be afraid to strip off your yard coat and show off the stylish design and glittering sparkles of your S’No Queen thermals. You’re sure to be the envy of the yard while you enjoy a hot cup of tea and a chat with your fellow horse owners.


Your horse has his rugs, but what about you?

Whether winter or summer, your horse needs to stretch his legs every day, but with him likely spending more time in his stable when it’s cold and wet, that means you have to take responsibility for his exercise in the winter. If you have the time to ride every day then that’s ideal, but if not, a daily lungeing session will at least keep his joints moving and let him burn off his pent-up energy. Whatever you do though, especially if that’s standing in the arena lunge line in hand, make sure you don’t freeze out there yourself.

With a base-layer comprised of silk and hi-tech modal, in S’No Queen thermals, you’re sure to stay warm while keeping your horse active outdoors. No matter whether you’re chasing him around the field, going out on a winter hack or rinsing the mud off his legs, the icy temperatures won’t trouble you.


Learn to love your winter with horses

We know that as horse owners you’re likely to put your horse’s needs well before your own, but shouldn’t you have a little luxury in your life too?  Keeping yourself toasty and comfortable with S’No Queen designer thermals means that no matter how cold it gets you’ll be a happier horse owner and you know as well as we do that your horse knows exactly how you’re feeling when you’re around him. Give him the gift of a happy owner and you’ll both feel better this winter.