S’No Sustainable

S’No Queen has never been about fast fashion, fast on the slopes but slow fashion with quality British made clothes that look great season after season. This year we are doing one better by making even more changes to improve our carbon footprint.  Over the past few years, it has been clear that we all need to look at our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, S’No Queen’s love to be outdoors so protecting nature is very important to us. This year we are working on making our products even more sustainable.


Slow Fashion

We may like to live life fast on the slopes but we have never subscribed to fast fashion. Since we were founded we have always produced quality thermals and leggings that last. We design our collections to look great season after season and use a silk blend mix that reduces plastic and lasts wash after wash without losing its technical fibres or shape. Slow fashion = S’No fashion and with the added changes to our packaging our tops and leggings are more ethical than ever.

Our thermal tops and leggings are designed and made in the UK, this reduces the carbon footprint of materials travelling and supports British businesses, we pay workers a fair wage and make sure all of our products are of the highest quality.

One area we felt needed improvement was out packaging, long term customers will have noticed that our packaging has been changing as we have moved to a more environmentally friendly packaging. Although initially our boxes looked great and were made from cardboard they were not easy to recycle therefore we felt we had to make a change.

The S’No Queen ethos is around looking and feeling good, but true S’No Queens sparkle from the inside not just the outside and these changes are for our future and S’No Queens of the future.