S’No Queens Are a Cyclists Best Friend

S'No Queen Bike Wear

Here at S’No Queen, we noticed summer coming closer and closer and many of us either turning to our bikes for a way to escape it all or simply for a way to lose weight for that summer getaway and with so many people turning to biking there is no denying that biking becomes a very popular sport during the summer. However, what a lot of people don’t seem to see is that S’No Queen Thermals can be used for a wide range of sports and uses which include just about everything from skiing to biking. So take a look why you should take your S’No Queens on your next bike trip.


When you head out on the road with your bike, you will need to be able to have a large amount of manoeuvrability, things like signalling with arms, moving your legs and changing your sitting posture depending on incline and decline and this can take its tear on regular thermals. However, S’No queen thermals are crafted with a polycotton blend that holds an elastic reinforcement, this in turn allows the thermals to be able to give you a wide range of movement whilst the elastic returning the thermals back to their skin hugging position after you have moved.

With a lot of thermal wear brands offering a simple cotton and wool mix with their thermal wear, its small things like this that can make all the difference to your biking experience and how comfortable you feel.

Temperature Control

Being out on your bike is great through the summer months. However, sometimes it can get a little too warm and this can soon become uncomfortable, then in other cases you could be riding in the countryside in a high up location and become caught in a cross wind that makes you feel cold or head downhill to fast and be given wind chill. Its situations of an uncomfortable nature such as these that can easily be avoided with temperature control clothing.

Taking S’No Queen Thermals on your ride means that you can have a high level of moisture wicking technology built into your clothing, in turn when you get to hot and perspire the clothing becomes cooler and softer which in turn cools you down. Whilst at the same time if you get cold the thermal wear traps your body heat and begins to feel warmer to the touch, offering a high level of comfort and a cosy nature to the user. This thermal wear fabric and moisture wicking technology usually places the fabric between 16-18 degrees on average, which is a comfortable room temperature.

Finally, S’No Queen Thermals only come in long sleeve fit and full leg fit, meaning that when you are riding the wind chill will not actually touch your arms, lets or stomach area. This level of comfort and escape from wind chill can be an amazing aid when you are out on your bike.

Perfect Fit

S’No Queen Thermal wear has long been renowned for its thought through and favourite design in terms of fit, its offers many benefits to both the pro cyclists and the summer cyclist.

Firstly, the fit of the S’No Queen thermals allows the garment to be able to wrap to the fit of the user with its elastic and comfortable material. This in turn eliminates the loose fabric that you would get when riding in normal clothing and allows you to be able to carry an aerodynamic nature when you are going fast. The main reason being that lose fabric can have a parachute effect, which traps air and slows your acceleration, making it more tiresome to reach higher speeds.

Secondly, there is the slimming nature of the support S’No Queen Thermals offer. S’No Queen wants all of our users to feel amazing in our thermals, so therefore all of our thermals are created to be able to even distribute the body and in turn give slimming more toned appearance to the wearer. Making you feel more confident when out on your journeys.

Finally, there is the elastic cuffing and double stitched edges. This means that not only is the fit amazing, but it is also very easy to retain as the fabric is literally made to simply revert back to its original fit after it has been washed.

Made To Last

S’No Queen thermals are primarily made for the ski runs of the Alps and therefore need to be very versatile and hard to damage. This rougher aesthetic than most other ladies thermal brands means that they will not rip, tear or lose their elasticity over a prolonged period.

Elegant Design

The design for the thermals varies depending on which Collection you go for, there are six different collections and each has their own smaller aesthetic, ranging from the diamonds and pearls collection that demands the attention of those around you, all the way to the more subtle Sparkle Collection. Everything simply falls to your personal preference and what your favourite S’No Queen Thermals will be. Why not take a look through our full range to be able to see what S’No Queen Thermals will be perfect for you on your next bike trip.