S’No Queen Designer Ski Thermals – Why Have Cotton, When Ours Have Silk?

S'No Queen Designer Thermals - Why Have Cotton, When Ours Have Silk?

Our Ski Thermals are more than just great design

At S’No Queen, we don’t accept compromise. Pretty is no good if it doesn’t perform, performance is no good if it doesn’t last and durability is no good if you don’t want to be seen wearing it.

We’re proud of every single aspect of the beautiful designer thermals we create for S’No Queens around the world and in brings us joy when we see you lovely ladies showing off your sparkle in the Apres after an exhilarating day on the slopes.


What makes S’No Queen Ski Thermals so Spectacular?

We insist that every set of thermals in our product range is tough enough to stand up to the rigours of the slopes and provide the wearer with warmth as well as wicking away moisture, being kind to even the most sensitive skin and doing so while looking fabulous, flattering and figure hugging.

It’s a tall order, but one that we manage thanks to the hi-tech material blends we use to make all our winter thermals. Traditional thermals are thicker, bulkier and often unflatteringly shapeless. S’No Queen thermals, however, are just as warm, but so thin and lightweight, you have to wear them to believe just how efficiently they insulate against the cold!


The S’No Queen Secret Ingredients found in some of our designer thermals

The majority of S’No Queen thermals are made from a blend of three fabrics; hi-tech MicroModal®, luxurious Silk and stretchy Lycra.

MicroModal® makes up 80% of the fabric blend in our ski thermals and has been described as the best material for Luxury Underwear. It’s as soft as the silk we blend it with and is around 50% more absorbent than cotton giving it incredible moisture wicking properties. MicroModal® is renowned for taking dyes exceptionally well and being extremely colourfast, meaning that your Designer Thermals will retain their vibrant colours far longer than you’d expect. Believe it or not, the fibres of MicroModal® are made from cellulose extruded from sustainable European beech trees.

Silk needs no introduction; fabric that’s been associated with luxury and opulence for centuries. As well as being the most coveted of fabrics and making up 15% of the S’No Queen fabric blend, it is famously strong, yet lightweight and thin. Thanks to it’s low conductivity and efficient absorbancy, silk is ideal for activewear as it wicks moisture extremely well and keeps warm air close to the skin.

Finally Lycra, also know as Spandex or Elastane makes up the remaining 5% of the fibre blend found in our thermal baselayers. Famous for it’s strength and elasticity, Lycra is ubiquitous in sports and active wear. Able to stretch up to five times it’s length before breaking, Lycra is perfect for helping our thermals flatter your figure and move with you without restricting your movement.


Perfection never looked this pretty

With all the science that’s gone into the material we use in our ski thermals, it’s no wonder they perform so well even in the most extreme of environments. We always go the extra mile though and make sure that our designs don’t look like they were made in a lab, but made for the catwalk.

To experience the luxurious feel, the technical effects and the confidence boost from a garment which you’ll always want to be seen wearing, choose from our extensive range of designer thermals and become a S’No Queen!

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