S’No Queen Bridges the Gap Between Athleisure and Casual Wear

S'No Queen -athleisure wear

S’No Queen has taken huge leaps in recent years with its elegant new designs and releases and its thermal wear being seen more and more in day to day life. It is safe to say that S’No Queen is an up and coming name in the fashion industry and is certainly here for the long term.

What makes S’No Queen So Popular?

The main reasons for success with this athleisure brand are down to the elegant nature of the garments and the ethos behind them. With the majority of people trying to look elegant with their skinny jeans or their dresses, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable, then on the other hand trying to be comfortable in a jogger suit or jumpsuit would commonly be frowned upon in a high street coffee shop or if you were heading for a meal with friends. Therefore, S’No Queen has bridged the gap with our Athleisure range and in turn made comfort and elegant aesthetics shape into one brand. This gives the wearer the best of both worlds and alleviating the problems that come with both.

How Does S’No Queen Radiate Elegance?

The very name S’No Queen alone screams royalty and a prestigious nature; this is then backed up by the brand its self-pulling off its elegant appeal through two primary aesthetics.

Firstly, there is the design of the thermals themselves was made with a bespoke aesthetic in mind to be able to cater for that high-class audience. This in turn means that although the S’No Queen thermal designs can come in bright colours, they do maintain a classy reserved nature for the wearer.  This bright yet refined design seems to be bringing in ladies from across the world to be able to try our wears.

Then there is the general aesthetic of the Cheshire born brand that was designed for Alpine winter life. When you are designing a thermal brand that is at home in both the prestigious county of Cheshire and the infamous Alpine chalet villages such as Val d’Isere, it needs to be flawless in both its ethos and design. S’No Queen mastered this perfectly with its different characteristics and various designs.

How Does S’No Queen Maintain Comfort?

S’No Queen is made to be able to maintain both a physical and mental comfort. The thermals themselves are made to be able to be worn in a casual manner and in turn fit into a wide range of environments. This adaptive nature to the thermals means that when you are wearing them, you should not ever feel out of place and in turn, you will have that extra confidence and peace of mind in a huge range of surroundings.

S’No Queen then has the physical comfort factors; the fabric is a Poly-cotton blend with an elastic reinforced layer to be able to ensure that the material is kept soft and insulating. The soft material combined with the fit that is made to wrap your body makes you simply want to sink into the thermals and relax.

The Success of the Cross Over

The success of the cross over is evident with more and more people looking to S’No Queen to be able to achieve that modern combination of complete comfort and high elegance. If S’No Queen athleisure wear seems like something you would be interested in, why not browse through our extensive athleisure range to be able to see if we have anything you would love.