S’No Founder Series : Amy Williams MBE, Olympic Champion & Presenter

AMY Williams MBE Founder Series

“Never say never and give everything a go.” are the words by Skeleton Olympic Gold Medalist, Amy Williams. Someone who has worked hard to reach her goals, whether it be winning her gold medal or having her gorgeous little boy…. Amy is an ambitious and inspirational woman, we couldn’t wait to chat to and hear more about her life and career.
Check out her interview below.


How did your career in Skeleton start?

Living in the right place at the right time!
In 2002 I started training for Skeleton and Bobsleigh in Bath after watching Salt Lake City Winter Games.
In summer of 2002 I tried a sprint start pushing the sled on the dry starting section near Bath. Following the success of testing out the sport, the performance director of bobsleigh told me to sign up and take my skill to the ice, a specialist facility in Norway.
I didn’t ski growing up, it wasn’t part of what my family did, I used to go on lovely walks on a Sunday with Dad. I am thankful for the fact my parents have been so supportive throughout, they always pushed me to be doing things for myself. I paid for everything with my student loan and instead of taking a place at Edinburgh University, I sacrificed all my choices to do a sports degree at Bath University, a stepping stone to where I am today.


What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learnt in business?

Taking chances and opportunities in life!
I have really been able to learn about myself and the challenges of being an athlete. In the lead up to Olympics in 2010, I learnt to listen to my gut, to be in tune with my feelings and the psychology of things.
It was knowing that if inside me it feels right, then it probably is, and if not, then it probably isn’t. There are lots of added pressures from your team, training and with money, and just before the games I felt a lot of pressure to use a brand new pair of runners (on the sled) that had been newly designed through research and developments. However 2 weeks before, I crashed on them and luckily my gut told me to stick to my old faithfuls.


How do you prepare yourself for a day of presenting?
Half of me tries to prepare and tackle it the same way I would as the athlete in me, receiving as much information as possible, taking notes, visualise myself sitting and doing the job. On the other side of that, as I did with The Gadget Show, is to simply rock up on that day with no clue of what to expect, only half an hours warning and just do it!
All in all, you can only control the controllables, so you just need to do the best you can. Don’t think too much, the camera in your face is just a lump of metal with a man behind it.
I stay true to myself. If blunders happen, that’s ok, just be real!


Favourite skiing destination?
Last year I experienced a long weekend with The White Valley company in Morzine. A lovely intimate group where we practised pilates & enjoyed the skiing. The views were spectacular and I would definitely go back.
I took on a cycling challenge a few years ago, during the summer which was also in the snow, however, I would love to take some lessons in the future without my toddler, which can prove quite difficult!


Dream ski trip you are yet to visit?
I would love to go to Andorra, Val d’Isère and Courchevel and see if they are as good as everyone says they are. They do look fantastic!


What brands do you use for your skiing wardrobe? / key pieces to train in.
Thermals have always been a big thing in my life, I sometimes feel like I have spent my life in thermals. I always wore Merino wool thermals which I found very itchy. I love your S’No Queen thermals (*thankyou). Haglofs was always a great brand for me and I had a sponsorship with Adidas.


Do you have a favourite piece from the S’No Queen collection?
I am really happy with the ones I have, I find S’No Queen are great for stripping off your outerwear and wandering around in.
Savvy way to stay motivated and energised?
Goals! Write them down, however far in future they are and break them down into smaller, much more achievable goals. Dont expect results too quickly, by the following morning, you are not going to have lost all your weight. Be realistic and find balance.
I also find that having a workout or running buddy really helps, that way we can push each other.


Exercise routine?
My routine has really changed since having a baby! I usually like a HIIT session and I go to Yummy Mummies, a women-only space with HIIT and circuits in my local area. All the parents with kids come together in a beautiful environment where we have all supported each other postpartum. It is real community vibe, which I love.
I enjoy kickboxing classes and I jog quite a lot. I have the ICandy 3 wheel all terrain buggy, so I can get out with my son, Oscar. However, running around after a toddler is a huge part of my exercise routine!
I recently did RideLondon for ActionAid women’s charity, which is 100 miles on the bike London – Surrey and I have told myself to take on a sprint triathlon in the near future. Let’s see!


Something you want to tick off your bucket list?
Physically, A sprint triathlon.
With my husband, I would love to do an adventure on motorbikes where you would sleep on side of roads or in the mountains. Being outdoors is a huge part of me, I want to teach Oscar to be active and outdoors.
I believe in never going to the same place twice as I want to adventure to places I have never been, like Botswana for Safari.
On the flip side, I have close friends globally, so I would happily go back to Austin and Sydney.
Ultimately my husband and I are adventure seekers.


Three words to describe you according to your best friends?
Kind, thoughtful and adventurous.


How do you spend your downtime?
What’s that? (haha) ….either a nice walk in the countryside or a good movie either on the sofa or I do love the cinema.
Yoga is important to me, as I used to do it every day, right up to the morning I gave birth….. Since then, twice in 15 months. Saying that I would like to get this back into the routine at some point.


The quote you live by?
I have a few; Never say never. Give everything a go. 1 body, 1 life. Look after yourself, eat well and get outdoors. Challenge yourself and set yourself new goals to focus on.


never say never