Overlooked Technology That Can Aid Your Fitness

Technology To Improve Your Fitness

With S’No Queen’s evident benefits for the fitness industry, we are seeing more and more people turn to S’No Queen’s athleisure wear garments to be able to make the most of the brand and gain as much as they can from their workout as they can. Therefore, for this reason S’No Queen have gone and found a few small extras that can help improve your workout significantly; take a look.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a huge part of the modern day fitness industry, especially with the sort of capabilities they manage within the technology itself. Added extras such as sleep trackers, GPS trackers, heart rate monitoring, morning alarms and even wifi connections, there is little that the modern day fitness tracker cannot do.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker then a good starting point would be the Fit Bit, this is a great fitness tracker that also doubles as a day-to-day timepiece, making it subtle enough to fit into a huge variety of situations.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps these days have a wide array of benefits to your fitness. Some examples could be anything from using Google maps to plan a running route, all the way to diet planners that fit within your phone.

Using mobile apps to be able to aid your fitness has a wide range of benefits, which all significantly contribute to enhancing your performance. These include things such as;

  • Friendly Competition – Mobile apps allow you to be able to easily compete with your friends who have similar apps; in turn, you are more likely to push yourself as you have some targets to compete with.
  • Availability – if the app is on your phone then you have no excuse to avoid going out on that run or heading to the gym as you have everything you will need in your pocket.
  • Accessible Diet Monitoring – if you have a diet planner in your phone then you can update it around the clock and in turn will not accidently miss anything out when you come to update your meals.

Its small things like this that can go a long way in dramatically improving your fitness monitoring.

Wearable Gadgets

It is not all about the electronic technology when it comes to improving your fitness; there are also other non-electrical pieces of kit that can significantly aid you improve your fitness. These range from the subtle gadgets to simply increase your comfort all the way to the huge pieces of tech that significantly up your game.

A Hydration Pack is an amazing piece of kit for long distance sport in the summer, anything from mountain biking to jogging can be aided a huge amount with a hydration pack. The pack its self is a bag pack that can be filled with water and comes with a mouthpiece so that you can drink water during your workout. This allows you to be able to work out through the hot summers for longer without having to take water breaks. The concept may seem a little unusual at first but once you use a hydration pack, it becomes so evident that you should have been using it for years.

There is also the arm holder for your mobile phone or IPod, this may seem a little bold for your workout; however, there is a wide range of benefits to keeping your phone here instead of in your pocket. Firstly, there is the accessibility that having your phone to hand rather than your pocket gives you, you can answer calls, use maps and flick between music all without having to make a huge amount of effort or stop to enter your pockets. Secondly, there is the simply fact that wired headphones will no longer get in the way of your arms whilst you work out. Then finally, there is the benefit of comfort, when you run your phone moves around in your pocket and could evenfall out which can sometimes be very irritable and can put you off. However, with the arm guard you can comfortably keep the phone on your arm and not have it getting in the way or moving about within your pocket.

Finally, there is the obvious benefit of athleisure wear to your workout. Although it is not exactly a piece of technology itself, it does have huge beneficial characteristics and is well worth looking into if you want to improve your workout. Check out our in-depth article on athleisure wear for more information or simply see what athleisure wear we have onsite.