Black Friday



We have had a few messages asking us about Black Friday deals, so we thought we would take the time to email you and explain why we aren’t doing Black Friday sales but instead are deciding to pay it forward.

S’No Queen designer base layers are made with care and attention, every item is designed to be a key wardrobe piece that you can wear year after year.


We design our fabrics to be soft on the skin but hard-working as a technical thermal layer.


We don’t believe in fast fashion but sustainable classic styles that are always on-trend and can be worn again and again.


Our prices reflect the quality and care that goes into each garment from concept to delivery.


We don’t need a flash sale for Black Friday to fit in with other brands, S’No Queens shine bright and stand out from the crowd.


This year instead of buying into the hype, we are giving back to the community, and in the spirit of the holiday season for every sale this Black Friday weekend we will donate £10 to the Marylebone Project. £10 helps us to provide a meal and afternoons activities for 3 vulnerable women in crisis in The Sanctuary.


We have brand new collections online and you can also get a great deal by shopping our 2019/2020 collections in our Outlet.

Best and Warmest Regards

Sharon x x