Amazing Skiing Youtube Channels Worth Following

Best youtube channels for skiers

For a lot of us, next year’s ski season cannot come quick enough. We have memories of being on the slopes fresh in our mind and we just want to be able to experience it all over again. There are a few YouTube channels that you can subscribe to for a taste of skiing during the off-season and keep you wanting more until December. Take a look.

Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex is a skier with a slight difference, when he takes to the slopes he likes to give himself a slight challenge and in turn, this makes for great footage. If you are into your more difficult runs or just going a little off piste then this YouTube will be able to give you everything you need as he takes to jumping roads, jumping lakes, cave diving and even performing a flip over a parachuter in the video below. Certain a thrilling watch.


Ski School by Elate Media

If you are still a learner or simply want to be able to get skiing advice and advance to the next level, this channel could be perfect for you. It offers tips on everything from the basic movement all the way to tricks and jumps, well worth watching if you are thinking of skiing next year and want to be able to keep on top of everything until then. You may even pick up a few tips and hints to be able to make things easier or simpler while you’re out on the slopes.



Slightly more maverick and stunt orientated, this channel is filled with late night skiing on insane ramps along with other savage manoeuvres. If you are into the faster paced stunt side of skiing this could make a perfect channel for you to be able to follow through the summer months.


Base Camp

Base camp is a YouTube channel, which has been created by an instructor training company, so it feature a little promotion for the company its self. However, if you can look past this you will be able to see all of the lifestyle, tricks, speed and runs in their element. There is footage here from instructors all over the world and in turn you may even find your next get away location from right here on this channel.


On Board

On board is a ski magazine that shows you an all round overview of the slopes. There’s things in the magazine from all aspects of the slopes and in turn it makes an amazing all round channel for training, stunts and lifestyle. Well worth subscribing to if you love alpine life or just skiing in general.

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