100 Years Of Ski Fashion in 6 Minutes

This fantastic video was produced by the Colorado Ski & Snowboard History Museum, where they show 100 years of Ski Fashion in only 6 minutes.

WE see mens and womens ski wear evolve from very boring and not particularly waterproof or practical wool outfits, gradually getting more practical and a bit more colourful, we then start to see technologies adapt with clothing that starts to become more water resistant and more durable footwear.

It is clear as we leap through the decades that the fashions of the time were also influenced in Ski wear, with clear styles coming through. It is interesting to see how fast styles start to move on in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s and how in the 90’s Ski Fashion is less about copying current trends and more about producing performance ski wear.

In the 1900’s Ski wear was just about clothes you wear in the snow, now it has become a science, thermal technology to keep you warm and also breathable. Layers for comfort and manoeuvrability. Now you can have a wide range of styles to suit your own personality and sense of style without compromising on performance.