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S'No Queen Ambassador - Sophie


To kick off the 2020 Ski Season we are working with some very special S'No Queens, each Queen is special in their own unique way and are working with us to help grow the S'No Queen Royal family.

Meet Sophie - Strong Independent Woman - S'No Queen Ambassador

Sophie is a fashion student and blogger, she is an advocate of mental health and we love her attitude to supporting other women, which is what S'No Queens do!


Hi Sophie tell us a little about yourself....


"My passion for skiing started from a very young age, in fact, as soon as I could walk I was on skis! Growing up I always used to see glamorous women dressed in designer outfits, looking stylish head to ski (literally), and wished that I could look like them someday. I used to roam across the internet for stylish ski wear and I couldn’t find anything until I came across S'No Queen and I immediately wanted to be wearing all of their thermals on the slopes. 


Skiing has been a big part of my life, when I was depressed I used to find the mountains my safe place and it used to be almost like a serene retreat. I have always had a passion for fashion, when I was 10 years old I owned 27 handbags and my collection just never stopped growing. I wanted to incorporate my love for fashion into my ski wear too so S'No Queen was the perfect solution! 


The beauty of the French alps means that at every corner there is an Instagram worthy opportunity. When the suns shining the S'No Queen thermals glistened beautifully and I just knew I needed to work with this brand further. Getting to know who is behind the brand has given me an amazing insight to what their vision is, which actually is coinciding with my own!"


We are looking forward to sharing some great content with Sophie and we will be working more with her in the next few months.