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S'No Queen Ambassador - Carlotta

S'no Queen Ambassador - Carlotta Edwards

My name is Carlotta Edwards and I’m a Professional Ice Skater. I’m currently part of ITV’s Dancing On Ice family, and I’m so excited for the new series to start! 

I’ve been a Professional Ice Skater for over thirteen years now. Performing with Disney On Ice, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, ITV’s Dancing On Ice, and this past summer, Hot Ice at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach. 

When I training as a young skater I always wore my nicest skating dresses, the ones with the most sparkle. I thought that if I dressed like a million dollars, I would skate like a million dollars! My confidence within my skating wasn’t always strong, so wearing my most elegant skating dresses would help boost my inner confidence. 

At 17 years old, my life turned into a whirlwind professional skating adventure! However, utilizing my adorable skating dresses wasn’t within the rehearsal attire. So I had to leave those behind and find a new comfort that made me sparkle on the ice. 

Last year I came across S’No Queen on Instagram and I fell in love! Their pieces have the exact amount of sparkle and glamour that I am looking for to wear not only on the ice as I practice, but off the ice to keep me warm and shining during the winter months, all the while staying truly confident! 

Getting to know Sharon this past year has been such a blessing. She has supported me since the first day we met, and even made the effort to watch my husband and I perform live this past summer. She is a hard worker, an incredible role model, and truly glamorous inside and out! I’m delighted to be a part of a brand that supports woman, fashion, and lots of sparkle!