World’s Highest Ski Resorts

When we think about where are the highest ski resorts in the world, we tend to think of Switzerland, France or Colorado. Indeed, these destinations are home to some of the highest ski resorts and most beautiful mountains. However, there are others high altitude ski resorts but they are just not as famous or well developed as the usual ski destinations.

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So here is a list a the world’s highest ski resorts for you to visit in your designer thermals.

Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, USA

Top lift height 3,813 m / 12,510 ft
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Ski Lifts: 43
This ski resorts boasts the highest surface lift in North America as well as the biggest lift-served vertical in USA.

Chamonix, France

Top lift height 3,842 m / 12,605 ft
Mountains: Alps
Ski Lifts: 49
Chamonix is the biggest lift-served vertical in the world and is home of the amazing Mont Blanc, the highest European Mountain.

Loveland Ski Area, Colorado, USA

Top lift height 3,871 m / 12,700 ft
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Ski Lifts: 10
The Loveland ski area boasts the highest quad chair in the world.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Top lift height 3,899 m / 12,792 ft
Mountains: Alps
Ski Lifts: 54
The beautiful ski resort of Zermatt brags the highest lift in Europe.

Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Top lift height: 3,914 m / 12,840 ft
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Ski Lifts: 23
Breckenridge is currently the world’s highest quad chair lift.

Gulmarg, India

Top lift height: 3,980 m / 13,054 ft
Mountains: Himalayas
Ski Lifts: 3
Gulmarg is the first non conventional ski resort of this list. Located in India, this ski resorts is actually growing fast and is opening more terrain to become Asia first ski resort. It is also known for being one of the snowiest ski resorts on earth.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, China

Top lift height: 4,700 m / 15,420 ft
Ski Lifts: 2
The Jade dragon boast the highest lift in Asia as well as the highest gondola lift in the world – although there is no ski area here.

Mérida, Venezuela

Top lift height: 4,767 m / 15,639 ft
Mountains: Andes
Ski Lifts: 4
With the highest cable car in the world and the longest cable car distance in the world, Merida ski resort is a well earned number

Maoke Mountains/Jaia

Top lift height 4,800 m / 15,748 ft
Mountains: Maoke
Ski Lifts: 3
First opened in 1979 with a rope tow and ski lodge, this ski resort has been completed in 1982. This region of Indonesia is very restricted and only accessed through special permits acquired once in the country. It is unknown if this ski resort is still in operation as it’s mostly a clandestine ski resort.

Dagu Glacier, China

Top lift height 4,843 m / 15,890 ft
Mountains: Himalayas
Ski Lifts: 1

Chacaltaya, Bolivia
Top lift height 5,422 m / 17,785 ft
Mountains: Andes

This is the highest ski resort in the world with the highest surface lift. Because of the really high altitude causing altitude sickness, this ski resort is not “easy” to ride. The ski area summit is higher than the Mt. Everest base camp and is only 30 minutes from La Paz. Originally created for the northern winter from November to March, Chacaltaya lift was only open on weekends due to the extreme cold of the area. Summer glacier skiing on Chacaltaya glacier was possible before the glacier completely melted down in 2009. Nowadays, this ski resort is only open during cold and snowy winter.

This list presents the highest ski resorts in the world. To be considered as a ski resort, there need to be at least one lift and it need to be spinning at least once a year. Here, the top 5 is made of “unknown” ski resorts where you will probably not spend your next family snow holidays. Indeed, with extremely high altitudes and unusual locations, these destinations are more anecdotal than real ski resorts where you can carve perfectly groomed runs to get in your winter thermals

However, this list tells where are the highest ski resorts in USA and Europe. With big mountains, dozens of lifts, perfectly groomed runs and lots of accommodations and restaurants; destinations such as Zermatt, Aspen, Chamonix or Breckenridge are perfect for your next ski holidays!

No matter where you travel this winter keep warm in your pretty thermals.