The Best Skiing Resorts You Can Reach By Train

Here at S’No Queen we know that a wide range of people these days have a fear of flying and with the rail network in Europe how it is, there is little reason you would need to be forced on to a plane from London you can get virtually anywhere in Europe without having to leave the ground. Here is a small guide we have put together to be able to show you all of the different ski resorts you can visit without even leaving the ground next season. Take a look!

Moutiers – France

Moutiers Sno Queen

Moutiers is set in the French Alps and it easily accessible via the Eurostar from London St Pancras. However, it does require a short transfer in Paris before you will be able to travel once again and finally reach your destination unless you travel direct but this train only runs on weekend mornings and evenings.

Moutiers prime location in the French Alps means that some of the most fantastic skiing runs France has to offer surround it. The small town its self also holds a large historical importance, therefore if you want to do more than skiing on your get away you could easily throw on your S’No Queens and take a walk around the town seeing what is on offer.

Bourg-Saint-Maurice – France

Bourg-Saint-Maurice - France - sno queen

Bourg-Saint-Maurice is a ski resort that is open all year round due to its diverse nature and summer activities such as mountain biking and hiking. This in turn makes getting the train here very simple as people flood to this location all year round and there have therefore been transport upgrades. To reach this location you will need to either change at Lyon or Paris depending on preference before making the last leg of your journey to the resort.

This location is an old market town that was used as a half waypoint trading post and stop off point for merchants from Vienna to Milan. This means that the entire location was prebuilt for the rich and famous and has been for way over 100 years. This means if you like luxury skiing through the winter or alpine lifestyle through the summer then this is the place for you.

Grenoble – France


Grenoble has been deemed capital of the Alps for the simple reason it is the biggest city and the oldest city in the Alps. It is easily accessible by train from London Pancras. The journey its self is available around 3 times a day every day and takes around 5 hours depending on the transfer time in Paris.

As the city is so easily reached by rail and holds a huge international airport just a short drive away, it often fills up with skiers during the winter months and in turn holds an amazing atmosphere for anybody who enjoys skiing through the day and bustling streets and nightlife through the night.

Remember, if you are heading down to a ski resort on the train then you will have a lot more space on your travel. So why not make yourself comfortable and wear your S’No Queen Thermals on the way to your skiing resort.