The Best Family Ski breaks This Easter

The Best Family Ski breaks This Easter

Where should you take a family ski break this Easter?

Skiing is one of life’s joys, but for S’No Queens who, as well as having impeccable taste in ski fashion, also have the joys of little S’No Princesses and Princes in tow, there’s the added excitement of introducing your little ones to their first ski holidays and watching, perhaps with a little envy, as they discover what will surely be a lifelong passion and take to it, perhaps a little too quickly. They might be

For the S’No Queen with family commitments, the Easter holidays are the perfect time for a family ski adventure, so if you’re spoilt for choice, why not pick one of these family ski breaks this Easter?


Best Easter Ski Breaks for Tiny Skiers

If they’re big enough to run, they’re big enough to ski. Introducing your small children to the white stuff is a joy to behold. From 3 and up, they can move beyond playing in the snow and progress to playing on it!

The resort of Avoriaz in France is purspose built family resort perfect for the smallest future ski divas. With ESF lessons starting at 36 months old. Family lessons can be organaised, or you can leave the kids with the experienced ski school and spend a while enjoying the thrills of the Portes du Soleil ski area, or alternatively spend a relaxing afternoon admiring the view from an apres ski bar of your choosing.


Best Easter Ski Breaks for pre-teens

if your kids are a little older, whether they’re already confident skiers or not, the Italian ski resort of Pila is an ideal destination for a family Easter Ski Break.

The Italians can always be relied upon to provide a warm, family friendly atmosphere and Pila in the Aosta Valley is no exception.

If you’re planning on enrolling the kids in Ski School, then it’s simply a matter fo heading for the large red inflatable igloo that forms the highly visible focal point for the lessons. This leaves you free to stick around and join in, or break away to do a little ‘serious’ skiing of your own.

Skiing isn’t the only activity for families to enjoy in and around Pila. Funpark Chacard offers plenty of winter fun activities. Alternatively, you go on a trek in snow shoes, show off your dancing on ice skills on an ice rink, or take a cable car to take in the scenery. For the exceptionally brave and an unforgettable experience, you can even book a flight in a hot air balloon!


Best Easter Ski Breaks for teenagers

For an Easter Ski Break with teenagers, things can get a little trickier. All of a sudden it’s ‘not cool’ to hang around with Mum and Dad and don’t think that being on an Easter ski break means that getting your sullen teen out of bed in the morning to enjoy the fresh powder at its best will be any easier than it is back home.

If you’re lucky and your teenager is as passionate about skiing as you are, the challenges of an Easter ski break with your teens become less about getting them moving, but trying to keep up as they ski laps around you with annoying effortlessness! Not to mention having to keep an eye on your S’No Queen ski thermals just in case your little miss takes a liking to them (and why wouldn’t she)  – Perhaps it’s time she had some stylish ski thermals of her own?

A good middle ground for teen skiers is to find a ski resort that offers lessons for older children, so they don’t have to be seen with ‘the olds’, where they can make new friends of their own age and so you can ski away to your hearts content, without you and your teens getting in each other’s way.

A great resort which ticks all these boxes is Saas-Fee in Switzerland. There’s a ski school for all ages, scenery that they’ll want to ‘Snap’ and show off to their friends back home and for a family ski session suitable for the more experienced, you can take the whole family up onto the glacier where the terrain is a little more challenging and perhaps you can show those cheeky teens just who the real S’No Queen is!


The Best Resort for A Family Easter Ski Break is the resort you choose

For the S’No Queen who’s raising future ski stars, any time spent with your family is likely to be precious and wherever you do go skiing, it’s having your kids there with you that makes it a holiday and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

They grow up so fast, so if you have the chance to take your little (or not so little) ones away with you on family Easter ski breaks, you should take it and make the kind of memories together that t you’ll all look back on fondly for a lifetime.