Tech Toys for Your Next Ski Getaway

Go Pro






There are some essentials, like your thermals, that you can’t do without on a ski trip, but what about tech toys to take with you on your next skiing holiday?

Your ski get away always has to be somewhere amazing and fun for you to be able to enjoy it, the thrill of heading down the slopes, the atmosphere or the alpine ski and even the little things such as getting back to the chalet after a long day in the snow. Therefore, S’No Queen has brought you a few extra small pieces of kit to be able to make your getaway more comfortable and enjoyable; take a look!

Go Pro

The Go Pro is an amazing piece of tech that allows you to be able to record your ski runs and show friends and family when you get home. You can even export them and use them on channels such as YouTube or Facebook if you really wanted, to be able to share your experience with the world. The GO Pro is the best camera to be doing this on in for a beginner simply as its cost, spec and simplicity to use make it an amazing piece of kit and with the added bonus of it being shock proof and water proof it makes it a no brainer.

The Go Pro can be attached to the wearer on various parts of the body such as the head, chest or wrist so that the view and experience you record can be altered depending on the point of view you want to give. This also at the same time keeps the camera hands free and gives you more room to manoeuvre than you would have with similar cameras.

Fog Free Goggles

Fog Free goggles have now become a thing with more and more people opting for the specially engineered goggles over the old and more dated googles you used to get. Unlike the older goggles that would steam up under moisture and perspiration, these goggles have been specifically designed to sweep air past the lens as you head down the slopes and in turn prevent the goggle steaming up through a high level of ventilation.

Some goggles even include a small and weak fan to be able to keep a very low airflow through the googles while you ski; this enables them to stay completely ventilated and completely prevents any form of fogging up. Saving you the hassle of removing your googles to clear them every few minutes.

POC Beats Audio

The POC Beats Audio helmet is an amazing piece of technology that allows you to be able to listen to all of your favourite music while you are on the slopes in flawlessly crisp quality. The famous beats audio has long been a benchmark of quality and now this integration seems to be flying off the shelves. The main problem was that the original helmet and earphone set up that started this trend as the headphone Wires in older helmets would get in the way and also had the problem of hurting your ears by them being pushed in and beginning to ache. In turn, this new advancement gets rid of this clutter and earache before making the whole experience more pleasurable.

Portable Charger

The Kodiak 6000 is an amazing power bank for your phone or camera that allows you be able to have peace of mind it will not break through the day. The bank its self weighs a little more than your usual power bank but is completely shock proof and water proof so if you drop it into the snow or leave it somewhere in harsh weather you can rest assure knowing it’ll be fine. It carries 6000 MAh, which means you will be able to charge your phone three times over before it runs out of battery and it can be mounted alongside your go pro to be able to give it a huge lifetime.


Ski HUD goggles have the ability to sit within your helmet and tell you all you could possibly need to know about your alpine adventure. With certain helmets, varying in design and functionality there is bound to be something perfect for you. The majority of helmets usually have things such as your speed, the time, what time the sun goes down, weather, temperature, incline, decline, and a range of other functionality.

If any of this equipment sounds amazing to you and you are heading out to the slopes this year, take a look at our S’No Queen Thermal Range to be able to ensure you stay warm on the slopes.