Staying Fit For Ski Season

how to maintain ski fitness

For a lot of us, staying fit through the summer can be difficult. Without our passion for the slopes keeping us on our feet and active, we can sometimes find it difficult to find fun in other activities and maintain our high levels of fitness for the day when we finally return to the slopes. Therefore, for this reason S’No Queen has brought you some ideas to be able to aid you in your fight for fitness this summer.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be one of the most physically demanding exercises you will take part in whilst at the same time being able to be one of the most slow and relaxed. It is this high level of variation with mountain biking that makes it perfect for such a wide range of people. Depending on your track and gear you can make mountain biking as physically tiring as you want or you can slowly up your pace to be able to build on you fitness.

Mountain biking is widely available throughout the UK and therefore it can be very easily to simply head out and hire a bike to be able to hit a trail or simply buy your own if you’re interested in taking the sport up properly. Mountain biking has a sort of one size fits all due to its availability throughout the country and high level of variety in difficulties depending on your preference. Mountain biking is a sport that just about anybody can take up and quickly learn all of the basics.

Summer Skiing

If you do not want to settle for anything less than skiing then you simply do not have to stop and can always try heading for a summer ski break with the hundreds of resorts on offer. With a huge range of European glaciers open all year round and a huge amount of ski resorts in the southern hemisphere such as south Argentina, Australia and Chile. Heading to one of these skiing amazing locations is going to be one of the best things you can do in terms of maintaining ski fitness simply as nothing prepares you for skiing more than skiing itself. Check out our guide to summer skiing locations for more information.

Morning Runs

Heading out on a morning run can be an amazing way to be able to raise your fitness level and get your motivated for your ski holiday. Getting up every morning takes motivation but you will feel a lot more awake through the day and sleep better through the night so the morning run will have an all round amazing benefit range to your life. The getting up early also hugely benefits your fitness, as there is little to no excuse why you cannot make it. No matter what the morning run is always, achievable as if you are busy you can simply wake up earlier.


Surfing is an amazing way to be able to build fitness if you are a snowboarder. Not only does it require a higher level of balance but it will also make you extremely fitter whilst aiding your balance.  Things such as your calves as you balance and your core as you make turns on the waves all go a long way to be able to tone and define your body. Then there is the high level of cardio and adrenaline, which coincides with surfing and in turn makes it even more enjoyable for a lot of people. This cardio and adrenaline will help your overall fitness and will come in handy to have under your belt when it comes to hitting the slopes in the winter.

Gym Workouts

There is a wide range of gym workouts that can help you with all aspects of your fitness, strength and agility. These include workout groups, the weights area, swimming pools and any other activities there are available in your gym. With so many gyms widely available all over the country, the gym is sometimes the most efficient and simplest option as it carries all of the sports benefits whilst maintain an easy to reach location and allowing you to simply drop by when you have some spare time. If you are considering starting your local gym then get off on the right foot with our bespoke gym wear.