S’No Queens Guide To Skiing

Avoid the pitfalls on the slopes this season with S’No Queens top tips for mountain style.

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Basic Skiing Tips

It isn’t smart to not see where you’re going when your skiing. Your vision on the slopes can be crucial so we advise that your make sure your purchase a quality pair of goggles with Prizm lenses. You will need goggles that can adapt to the weather meaning that even in poor visibility conditions you’ll be able to see where your going and have plenty of time to make key decisions. Remember that goggles are not just practical you can get stylish ones to go with your ski thermals too.

Most ski accommodations will be very warm so we advice not to pack cashmere clothing. Our ski thermals are perfect when your relaxing in the chalets after a tough day out on the slopes.

Don’t bother packing any of your high heels as you won’t have an occasion for them regardless of any social gatherings. We would recommend our VIP collection of ski thermals if you are wanting to get you noticed in the group.

One of the most important safety purchases is a ski helmet. Those who don’t wear one because they think they aren’t stylish enough are wrong as you can find some pretty helmets around these days. A helmet can protect you from any serious head injuries, which is the last thing you want to have happen during your ski holiday.

When you are about to go out on the slopes We advise to tie long hair back, in either a ponytail or preferably a ponytail that’s then plaited.

When deciding on your ski thermals you can choose on our site between colour or collection. So no matter if your looking for designer thermals, classic thermals or even a pair of some funky thermals we lots of collections you can choose from. We would recommend VIP collection as they are guaranteed to get you noticed in the group.

First Ski Holiday?

The excitement of your first ski holiday is great but you must make sure you pack the essentials and we advise to take some lessons before you go. As when it does come to ski thermals ensure you pack a pair for on and off the slopes. If you ever needed an excuse to check out our new winter collection.