Monthly Ski Guide

S’No Queen believes that skiing is not just a pastime or a hobby; it is a sense of having a passion for speed and everything about the mountains. Soaking up the mountain air, the amazing views and the high-speed thrills can take you to a whole other world. So why stop enjoying yourself as soon as ski season comes to an end?

We have found a mix of locations for across the world, so when you are powder hungry you can simply strap up, pack your S’No Queens and head to the mountains regardless of the season or time of year. Take a look.

Skiing in January

skiing in January - Mammoth USA

Mammoth – USA

Located in East California, Mammoth Mountain is a huge ski resort that covers a vast 3,500 acres of land, which stretches throughout a range of forestland, cliffs and mountains, all of which is skiable. The resort its self was opened in 1966 and has since been a huge attraction for skiers with its various runs that see you taken through mountain caves and through dense woodland. The ski resort its self is a pedestrian only village and does not allow motor vehicles unless it is for staff of the resort, adding to the picturesque nature of the resort.

With this vast range of runs stretching through the more timid and beginner-focused slopes all the way to the adrenaline packed subterranean routes. The resort is perfect for a wide range of visitors and groups.

Skiing in February

Skiing in February Arinsal - Andorra

Arinsal – Andorra

Arinsal is a small picturesque village, which sits in the country of Andorra on the Spanish border. His village is a lesser-known ski resort and attracts a lot less tourists due to its remote location in terms of airports and public transport. However, if you are willing to put a few extra hours into your travelling time, this could be the perfect resort for you.

The resort it more for the casual or relaxed skier and in turn holds a range of novice, intermediate and advanced runs but nothing for the professional adrenaline junkie. This sort of build up from the village means that it is perfect for a couples retreat or a slow-paced ski holiday.

Skiing in March
Skiing in march - Mount Bachelor - Oregon

Mount Bachelor – Oregon

Mount Bachelor is a ski resort with a population that is ever growing all year round, in turn meaning if you do not visit this ski resort in the next couple of years it could be too busy to enjoy properly due to its high level of popularity and tourism in America. The resort its self is based in Deschutes County within Oregon, which means that there is a significant level of snow during the winter time as the harsh North American winter takes hold of the mountain. In turn, you can almost be guaranteed that there is going to be a huge level of snow in the area.

The mountain its self has a very high density of runs due to the lava flows that have took grip of the landscape here offering smooth ground for the snow. In turn if you are looking for easy fast-paced runs, this could be the perfect skiing location for you.

Skiing in April

Skiing in April Sochi - Russia

Sochi – Russia

Although skiing does not take place in the city its self, the surrounding mountains hold alpine and Nordic skiing events throughout the ski season and into the summer months. This in turn means that skiing here throughout April can be amazing.

The resorts here are of such a high quality that they have been home to the winter world cups and even the winter Olympics in recent years. Making the resorts highly prestigious and very high quality as the area was renovated for the Olympics and world cup. This recent investment in the resorts means that going now would get you the most from the world-class runs.

Skiing in May

Skiing in May Zermatt - Switzerland

Zermatt – Switzerland

Zermatt its self is a city in Switzerland, which offers amazing aesthetics and an alpine either, which could make your entire holiday a whole load more enjoyable. The resort its self has glacier access and an artificial snow machine meaning if you were to head to the resort on just about any day of the year, you would be able to head to the slopes and enjoy the high levels of snow.

With its alpine location it is accessible from the UK and as its glacier skiing, it is usually a little easier than the seasonal routes making it perfect for a beginner. Although in the winter, the route extends heavily and you can ski from the Klein Matterhorn glacier to the village of Zermatt, which lies 21km away.

Skiing in June

Skiing in June Whistler Blackcomb - Canada

Whistler Blackcomb – Canada

Whistler back comb is based in the heart of British Columbia, which gives it a highly rigid and unforgiving terrain, the resort its self is glacier based all year round with seasonal additions as the snow falls upon the surrounding valleys. The resort its self is favoured by those who thrive from adrenaline and in turn has a wide range of ramps, grind poles and half pipes, which are perfect for anybody who loves fast adrenaline fuelled slopes.

The resort however does have a more relaxed side to it with a number of piste’s being clear of ramps and jumps which in turn gives them a much more slow and relaxed vibe. Perfect for just about anybody of any ability all year round.

Skiing in July

Skiing in July Tignes - France

Tignes – France

Tignes its self is a ski resort based in the more prestigious area of the French Alps, bordering Val d’Isere it receives a lot of tourism each year and with good reason when you admire the aesthetic beauty of the views that the resort gives you of the surrounding landscape. The resort its self is home to the Tignes Dam and a wide range of other landscape attractions, which you may have to remember when navigating the vast resort.

Due to the Grand Motte Glacier, the resort can offer skiing all year round for a wide range of skier ability groups due to the huge range of runs on the glacier. This in turn means that no matter your ability, you can head to the resort all year round and still have a wide range of runs to try out. However, there are significantly more advanced runs than beginner runs so if you have never been skiing before and are a slow learner then it may be best waiting until winter for this one.

Skiing in August

Skiing in August Perisher - Australia

Perisher – Australia

Perisher is in fact the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere and for this reason is an amazing location to visit if you are a huge fan of skiing simply for its very diverse range of ski runs. The resort is in fact so large and diverse that it has its own underground railway system to be able to navigate the resort and find your way to some of the more further out runs, in turn giving you an idea of the sheer size of the resort.

Perisher its self has its own ski school so if you’re new to skiing you should probably learn a little here before taking on some of the more demanding runs on the resort, this is for both safety and more so that you’ll want to be able to finish the runs.

Skiing in September

skiing in September - Portillo - Chile

Portillo – Chile

Portillo is a very rigid ski resort that has some of the heaviest snowfalls on earth, so much so that a large area of the ski resort has been rebuilt twice to due snowstorms and avalanches taking gondolas and ski lifts down the mountains and into the lakes at the bottom. Although skiing here can be a lot of fun, you should always remember that this valley is very remote and in turn, you could find yourself snowed in here for a number of weeks if the weather becomes unforgiving.

Simple local skiing here is popular, however a large amount of people seem to opt for the helicopter skiing from this location to find their way to some of the even more rural mountains that are completely unreachable by road due to steep cliffs and valleys. Therefore, if you were a fan of off piste skiing or deep snow, this location would be perfect for you.

Skiing in October

Skiing in October Cervinia - Italy

Cervinia – Italy

Cervinia is an Italian resort, which offers all year round sports and a wide array of early skiing locations in the glaciers surrounding the village. This in its self makes the resort very popular as it offers more than just skiing with all of the alpine sports taking place high into the glacier whilst mountain biking, golf and paragliding take place just down the range in the less snowy areas.

This means if you are with a group and want to be getting up to more than just skiing, this location could be perfect for you.

Skiing in November

skiing in november - Niseko - Japan

Niseko – Japan

Niseko is the most popular resort in the oriental region of Asia, the resort its self-gets a lot of snow followed by a Russian crosswind which brings over heavy amounts of powered from the snowy expanses of Siberia. This blown over wind makes the whole region a paradise for powder lover’s with fine powder layering every expanse of slope.

This high density of powder that is replaced with every gust of wind makes for an amazing smooth skiing experience; that allows you to be able to reach some very high speeds when taking to the Japanese slopes. Perfect for learners as they can reach a comfortable sleep on a tiny slope and in turn learn a lot faster with a steady pace.

Skiing in December

Skiing in December Vail - America

Vail – America

Based in Colorado, the resort was first opened as a military training ground for the American forces during world war two, training them to be able to fight in the Japanese and alpine mountains. It was opened as a ski resort in 1962 and was very popular as it is the largest resort and mountain in Colorado meaning that a huge amount of people wanted to ski here.

The resort is famous throughout the county for its après nightlife and high level of atmosphere near enough all year round, so if you love the skiing atmosphere then this could be the ideal location for you.

Just remember that no matter when you head to your skiing retreat this year, it is going to be chilly on the slopes and you may need your S’No Queen Thermals. Check out our entire range to see which thermals you want to be packing this summer.