Ladies Thermals – Ski and Après Ski’

Ladies Thermals – Ski and Après Ski’

If you have never been skiing before, it can sometimes be difficult to be able to sort out what you will actually need. Many different people give advice but then again many different people have different preferences and therefore their advice will sometimes be different. The type of skiing they do, if they ski or snowboard, if they are as susceptible to cold, their budget and a wide range of other factors will impede the advice they give you.

S’No Queen is here to be able to separate the facts from the personal advice and give you the best possible explanation as to what you will definitely need on the slopes.

The Difference between Après Ski’ and Ski

When people talk about Skiing and Après Ski they usually mean the same thing; however the two are completely different and the only thing that keeps them connected is the location and weather.

Skiing its self, as you know is heading down the slopes or across country using your skis. This is obvious when you think of skiing and the majority of the time when people talk about skiing they mean genuine skiing.

However, Après Ski’ is where it gets a little confusing; Après ski its self is the social side of a ski holiday and in turn you don’t even need ski’s to go get involved with Après Ski. Things like the ski restaurant gatherings, the ski resort nightlife, the events during the day, the small alpine festivals all class as Après Ski.

Essential Ski Clothing

Skiing its self requires a wide range of clothing to be able to give you layers, a waterproof nature and still maintain movement. Whilst alpine skiing can be done in a set of thermals with the option of a waterproof windbreaker if the weather is bleak.


Your layout of layers on your torso will greatly differ dependent on if you are alpine skiing or simply heading to the slopes; so ensure you dress appropriately to gain the most from your ski experience.


When you are out on the slopes, your torso is going to need extra layers to be able to prevent you getting soaked, receiving wind chill or even simply becoming excessively cold during your day. The best way to prepare your Torso for skiing is with three layers as this means that you can easily remove or apply more if you get to hot or cold and in turn you will not heavily perspire or become too cold.

Try applying an S’No Queen thermal top to be able to ensure your base layer is handled with a comfortable garment, this in turn keeps you warm throughout the day and stops you itching or being comfortable whilst still enabling you enough room to manoeuvre. Your second layer should be a fleece or jumper that has a thin material, you can pick these up from just about any ski store or you can opt for the S’No Queen Red Riding Hoodie. Then finally you will need a coat, the thickness depends entirely on your susceptibility to the cold, aim to be able to get something breathable with a wind proof nature and waterproof qualities.

This set up of layers allows you to be able to get the most from your skiing outfit and get all of the benefits a proper skiing layout should offer.

Alpine Skiing

Then there is alpine skiing, alpine skiing is more often than not either in doors or in the sun so in turn you should not need as many layers as the temperature is usually considerably higher. You could opt for an S’No Queen matching thermal set along with a thin jacket or coat. This will enable to be warm whilst getting to the Alpine skiing venue and back whilst having the coat in case the weather changes.


Your legs should be just as warm as your upper torso so it is important to get this area right as well. This also changes a lot when you are skiing as oppose to Après simply for the waterproof qualities, weight and heat.


Skiing requires you to be applying waterproof and warm layers to be able to prevent wind-chill, the clothing absorbing the melted snow along with the obvious risk of becoming cold or freezing.

We advise heading for two layers, your first should be a pair of S’No Queen Thermal Leggings to be able to ensure flexibility, rigid design, comfort and a significant amount of warmth. This should be followed by a skiing over layer of a waterproof nature to be able to ensure the snow does not seep into your pants if you take a tumble or sit down.

Après Ski’

Après Ski’ can be tackled with a simple pair of S’No Queen thermals. S’No Queen Thermals are more than capable of being able to withstand the cold and maintain your a warm temperature for you while you’re heading out and when it comes to heated venues, the moisture wicking technology allows you to stay cool and not perspire as heavily in turn making them the perfect option.


Your boots will vary greatly depending on the ski style, if you ski or board and a wide range of other options. Everything from the height on your leg to the shape of your foot will alter which boots you will need on the slopes, so it is best to simply ask either the store you bought your skis from or the ski hire store when you get to the slopes. They will be able to give you a personalised recommendation and let you try a few pairs on before you commit to a boot that is not right for you.


Your hands will only really ever need a sturdy pair of gloves. These gloves should be highly waterproof and wind proof as your hands tend you get covered in snow and a substandard pair could hand you cold and have serious problems with your hands later into the excursion.


Although many people tend not to bother with ski helmets, they can be very important, especially for a new starter to the sport. Although they are only needed in skiing and not in alpine skiing, they should still be considered as one of the most important pieces of equipment in the trip. With such a wide range of skiing helmet types available it is always best to ask in a sports store or skiing shop to be able to see which helmet is best for you and your needs.

For the Alpine ski side of things you may only need a hat or an S’No Queen headband to be able to maintain a little heat. This in turn can be easily remove and looks amazing whilst being worn as part of your outfit.

Why Thermals Are Essential

Thermals are essential to the success of any ski holiday for the simple reason that they pretty much do everything that your normal clothing would not. They have properties that allow movement, temperature control, comfort, moisture wicking and a whole range of benefits that you simply will not get anywhere else.


S’No Queen Ladies Thermals are crafted with a reinforced elastic poly-cotton compound. This in turn means that the thermals are wrapped around the body but if you need to move they will easily stretch before falling back into the original fit once the move is completed. This is perfect for the skiing environment, as you need to be able to have ample movement to stay safe and pull off many of the manoeuvres.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking prevents perspiration which is going to play a big part both in the alpine nightlife and out on the slopes. When you are exercising in such a demanding sport you heat up very quickly and having thermals with moisture wicking properties allows you to cool down just enough to stay comfortable and not get to cold.


The very fit of a quality thermal brand such as S’No Queen means that you will be wrapped in a tightly fitted soft fabric that feels warm or cold depending on your temperature and in turn allows you to be able to relax in complete comfort. The poly-cotton blend is specifically designed with an elastic reinforcement to be able to allow the material to stretch and fit your body perfectly with no baggage and no overly tight fitting. It is these small touched that allows S’No Queen to excel in comparison to other brands.

Après Ski Sparkle

The Après aesthetic is something that is desired by the rich and famous, the high-end cocktails, the shopping and endless picturesque chalets are something that would amaze even the prestigious of individuals.

However, to fit in with this whole aura and aesthetic you need something special with an alpine genre to it, which is what makes S’No Queen so popular. S’No Queens bright colours, sparkles, amazing designs make our brand the royalty of the Alps, and in turn something that is highly desirable and popular within the alpine scene.

If you are interested in S’No Queen then why not look at what is on offer or for more information on our thermals see our guide to Ladies Thermals To Ski In.