Ladies Base Layers for Skiing

S'No Queen - Ladies Base Layers for Skiing

Skiing is a sport that you need to get right from the start if you want to make the most of it, things such as the right equipment, the right people and the right location can change everything and its crucial you get everything perfect for you and your skiing retreat. Take a look why you should consider S’No Queen Base Layers on your next skiing retreat.

Range Of Movement

Skiing can be a very active sport and if you are making the most out of it, you are going to need a full range of movement. This means that you will need a thermal-wear brand that is up to the job of being able to cope under stress and pressure of extreme movement, whilst at the same time having a heavily elasticized build up to be able to support that same movement. S’No Queen thermal wear holds these properties, in turn to allowing you to be able to reach this high level of versatility whilst you are out on the slopes.

Weight & Fit

The weight and fit of the base layers has to be as close to perfect as possible. When you are out on the ski run you will need something lightweight so as not to weight yourself down, this lightweight nature prevents you feeling exhausted after a number of runs and in turn will be able to allow you to ski for longer.

The fit is just as important, you will need something to be able to wrap around your body and in turn be able to offer support whilst also giving comfort, this in turn means you need an elasticised garment, which will also have a high cotton content to be able to offer comfort and warmth. This perfect material hybrid is another reason why S’No Queen Base Layers are an amazing addition to your next ski get away.


The technology that the S’No Queen Base Layers offers allows you to be able to have a high level of compression on your body when you wear the base layers; this in turn offers a wide range of benefits.

There is the first benefit of simply preventing lactic acid build-ups when you undergo a heavy amount of movement. What this is exactly is the feeling of aches when you are in the middle of committing to a heavy amount of exercise, the compression wear puts pressure on the muscles and in turn alleviates the chances for this acid to build up and leaving you aching. This also applies to preventing cramps and other short-term injuries, which could harm your skiing experience. There are then the longer-term benefits of the base layers preventing aches in the long run and allowing your body to be able to recover faster from all the exercise. This is simply through compression the muscles and improving the overall blood flow to help repair any worked muscles a lot quicker. This results in you not having any aches the day after a long day of skiing.

Tough & Durable

Taking the occasional tumble or having a small bump on the slopes is nothing to worry about as it happens to everybody. However, it is important to be able to have a thermal wear brand that is not going to rip and stretch when you take a fall. A lot of more modern brands will tear very easily under the pressure of a fall and in turn, you could be left with a small hole or tear. The S’No Queen Base Layers also need to be able to stand up to the test of time and not stretch over a prolonged period of time. This is yet another benefit to S’No Queen Base Layers as they last a long period of time to be able to give you even more use from your thermal wear and also meaning that you will not have to buy another pair next season.

Aesthetic Image

We understand that there is a stern difference between a Paris fashion show and the slopes of the French Alps. Although why would you not want to look your best when given the choice, S’No Queen Base Layers are all given a bespoke design and finish to be able to double as both a base layer and a casual outfit allowing you to be able to have more than a simple outfit you would wear skiing. The S’No Queen base layers can be worn around the skiing village, at the piste restaurant and even around the chalet due to their stylish and comfortable nature.

However, you do not need to take our word for the stylish nature of the base layers, see our entire range of Ladies Base Layers for yourself.