How to Stay Ski Fit During The Summer Off Season

Stay Ski Fit During The Summer Off Season

Maintaining Your Hard Won Ski Fitness When There’s No Snow

The Northern Hemisphere is getting warmer as we get fully into Spring and while we’re sure you welcome the longer days and warmer temperatures, there’s no question about it, there’s a distinct shortage of snow, which means less skiing for S’No Queens.

Not every S’No Queen has the time to pack her latest designer thermals and go jetting off further afield, so for those of us who aren’t able to follow the snow on long haul flights, how do we keep our fabulous skiing figures while we wait for the return of the white stuff?


Cycling – Swap Ski Boots For SPD’s

Cycling is always great exercise, particularly for cardio and leg power making it perfect for maintaining those shapely legs you’ve spend the winter sculpting. S’No Queens are renowned for our thrill-seeking, so why not indulge in a spot of downhill mountain biking? It’s fast, it’s thrilling and you can continue to practice your high-speed downhill hazard perception, which will be invaluable when wehn you return to the backcountry. Don’t forget, your S’No Queen designer thermals aren’t just good for keeping you warm an dry on the slopes, they can do the same job for you on your bike, so don’t forget to take them cycling!


Take up Martial Arts to stay Ski Fit

If you’ve spent the winter seeking kickers on the slopes, then why not become a kicker of a different sort back home where there’s no snow? Martial arts training has numerous benefits, it boosts your concentration, it helps you balance and it makes you strong in body and spirit. Martial arts which are especially good for your balance and leg strength are those which feature kicks and low stances, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Karate in particular.


Find your local indoor or brush slope

Despite the lack of real snow, there are numerous indoor ski slopes which boast pistes made from artificial snow. They’re just as cold and the best alternative to a real mountain to help you practice your carving in the offseason. Outdoor dry ski slopes can also give you at least a little practice and are better than nothing.


Check with your personal trainer

You’d be surprised how many gyms and personal trainers either have a ski fitness program, or can put one together for you if you ask. Personal trainers are often highly skilled in targetting particular muscle groups and will be only too happy to put together a bespoke program top make sure you return to the slopes later in the year in even better shape than you left.


Share your tips for staying Ski Fit in the off season

Being a S’no Queen means being part of a sisterhood, like fabulous sparkling musketeers, we’re one for all and all for one. If you’ve discovered a sure fire way to stay ski fit in the summer, why not share it with your fellow S’No Queen and help each other stay fabulous? Get in touch, or comment below, we’d love to hear your hints and tips.