How to make your ski holiday cheap

We all know it can be quite expensive when going on a ski holiday however, S’no Queen have put together some advice on how you can save money on your holiday this season.

ski holiday cheap

Book early

Booking early is a great idea if you’re targeting a peak-season week, or you’re travelling in a big group and want to fill an entire chalet. One of the best times to do it is during the winter before you want to ski: that way, you’ll often get next year’s holiday at this season’s prices.

Book late

If you’re targeting a low season week, and you’re not too fussy where you end up – then don’t book until the last minute. It’s one of the surest routes to a cheap ski holiday. Pre-Christmas, mid-January and before and after the school break at Easter are the best times for cheap holidays when low-season prices are cut still further by the tour operators.

Go in a group

Tour operators love big groups and offer free places to attract them. Usually you will get one in every ten people will go free and you may be offered two-for-one lift passes and equipment hire deals too. Always make sure you shop around to see what you can get.

What part of the season is best?

First of all a major choice is if you have kids to take with you. Since the government tightened up regulations concerning term time holidays for children, it’s been much tougher for families to avoid peak season pricing. However, Christmas and Easter holidays are both cheaper than New Year and half-term, and they can be lovely times for a ski holiday. Providing you take a few precautions about the snow.

Over Easter in particular you need to a target a high altitude ski resort, as well as adopting spring skiing tactics to avoid slopes that may be a bit slushy. So with this in mind, it’s worth aiming high for this holiday too, unless you’ve got a steady nerve and can wait until early December to book the trip. By then you should know whether or not the lower resorts have good cover.The longer you delay the more riskier it becomes but if it pays off your most likely to get a considerable late booking discount too.

Now if you don’t have kids you are left with a much easier decision. As ski holiday prices are not the same for the whole winter. The weeks of New Year and February half term are the most expensive and in early December, most of January, mid-March and late-April they’re considerably cheaper. In fact, they’re often less than half the price,. If you avoid school holidays in general, and New Year and half-term in particular, you’ll save yourself a lot of money which can be spent on some nice Winter thermals for whilst you are there.