How to make the most of Summer Skiing

where can you ski in summer?

Where Can You Ski In The Summer?

It seems like only yesterday when we were watching our calendars with anticipation, while we waited for the European Ski resorts to start opening for the start of the winter season. The season has come and gone, as usual, seeming far too short and leaving us with few options when it comes to the itch which only fresh powder can scratch.

Never fear dear S’No Queens, there are still some resorts you can resort to, without travelling outside Europe for your ski fix.

The key is altitude and usually glaciers. The higher the slope, the more chance it has of retaining its snow, even with the summer sun overhead. Following are our favourite locales for summer skiing.


Summer Skiing in Kaprun, Austria

At 3,000 metres above sea level, the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier provides what the tourist guides describe as an “all-at-the-same-time” Region. Their meaning being that the resort provides the best of both worlds when it comes to winter and summer holidays. Essentially, you can have all the fun that a day on the slopes brings, but also bask in Summer sunshine while so doing.

Don’t let the sunshine fool you, it’s still chilly on those mountains, (watch out for the igloos!) but you might find yourself stripping right down to your S’No Queen designer thermals long before you hit the Après. You’re sure to give the slopes some extra sparkle!


Skiing in the Summer Sunshine of Tignes, France

Tignes’ highest point is over 3,450 metres above sea level in the French Alps. This collection of Villages plays host to numerous outdoor activities in the summer, but the Grande Motte Glacier ensures that skiing remains one of them for most, if not all of the year.


Summer, Sunshine & Skiing – Zermatt, Switzerland

Another high altitude glacier keeps the pistes cold even when the weather is warm. At an altitude of 3,800 metres, Zermatt is a perfect Summer Skiing destination. The Klein Matterhorn provides the highest and largest summer ski area in Europe.


It’s Summer but you’ll still need to pack your designer thermals!

The skies are blue, the sun is shining, but there’s still snow on the ground. If there ever could be a heaven on earth, then surely it would look something like this! With all that sunshine, don’t forget, to keep snow, the ground needs to be cold, so you still need your layers. You will, however, find yourself removing many of those layers quite quickly one the sun’s in the sky and you’ve warmed up with a few ski runs.

Thankfully, wise S’No Queens will have had the wisdom to pack their finest designer thermals. so even if all your outer layers come off, you won’t ever be ashamed to show the world what you wear beneath that big ski jacket!

Prepare yourself for the Summer Ski trip of your life and treat yourself to some extra sparkle from our designer thermal catalogue. Chances are, you’ll get many more opportunities to show off the ski thermals you want to be seen in!

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