How to Maintain Ski Health and Fitness

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Keeping yourself in shape for ski season can sometimes be difficult, huge breaks between ski trips and the temptation to cave in can sometimes take hold. However, the reward of holding out can be amazing when you take to the slopes and in turn, it is always best to try to commit to these five maintenance levels to be able to make the most of your winter ski getaway.

Summer Workouts

Working out through the summer is a great way to be able to maintain a high level of fitness into the winter. Your workouts should incorporate cardio, core strength and balance to be able to ensure that you have trained efficiently enough when it comes to taking to the slopes. There is a huge amount of ways to be able to build on your fitness through summer such as jogging and mountain biking but if you are unsure on a workout, consult our guide to staying fit for ski season if you want some fun ideas on ways to maintain fitness through summer.

Diet Right

Dieting through the summer can get extremely difficult with all of the BBQ’s and summer food screaming out at you on a daily basis. However, if you can resist you’ll enjoy ski season more with a higher level of fitness to be able to really give it your all on the slopes. Not only this, but you’ll also feel a lot better in the longer term due to the lack of toxins and sugars in your system.

Try opting for cold foods such as salads to be able to keep you cool and healthy through the summer. If you are looking for a few healthy recipes, check out our guide to smoothies for a few healthy smoothies to keep you away from snacking between meals.

On the Piste

When you are on the piste, you will also have to work to be able to maintain a level of fitness and ensure you do not hurt yourself. Your fitness level on the slopes should be as important as the need to keep warm as if it is not you could become injured or not have a high enough fitness level to tackle certain runs.

Warm Up’s

Warming up before a ski run may seem a little crazy; however, it is important for the preservation of your muscles. Pushing yourself into an array of stretches on both your core and lower body will significantly aid your overall ability to pull off the run whilst at the same time preventing you pulling a muscle or causing yourself an injury. This is great as pulling a muscle whilst out on a ski trip could bring everything to a halt until you return home so you will want to take every precaution you can against it.

Maintain Temperature

Illnesses are very common on the pistes due to people’s temperature dropping and in turn them being more susceptible to things such as the common old and the flu. Maintaining a comfortable temperature level will significantly aid you in the long term and ensure that you do not feel ill or sick whilst out on the slopes. To maintain a comfortable temperature, take a look through our thermal range for women and see what works for you. The thermals have a range of benefits, which will help you maintain a comfortable temperature such as moisture wicking and thick body wrapping material.