How to Get the most from the Apres Ski Scene

Ski is life, but after missing the last few seasons we are most looking forward to seeing our S’No Queens again and enjoying the Apres Ski! S’No Queens love Apres ski, after a hard days skiing meet up with queens at the apres, here are our top tips for enjoying the apres-ski scene.

If you are new to skiing you will want to make the most of the full experience which includes the apres! The apres-ski tradition has isn’t just getting drunk, it’s about warmth and friendships which is exactly what S’No Queen is all about. After a long day on runs in freezing conditions, there is nothing better than a hot cider or mulled wine and huddling up with friends to exchange stories from the day. The apres has evolved a bit and now is a much more lively scene but the sentiment remains.

Here are our best tips to get the most from your Apres Ski experience.


Dress for everything

Apres ski isn’t just a quick drink anymore, sometimes it can last well into the night, so, for this reason, make sure you have shoes to dance the night away instead of just your snow boots, it is also a good idea to bring sunglasses as although it is cold, the spring sunshine reflected against the white snow can be very bright. On that note bring sunscreen!

Dress to impress with S’No Queen thermals and base layers, this way you can come straight from the runs to the bar, just shed your ski jacket and shine!


Ask the locals

If you are used to travelling you will know to get the best information on the area is to ask the locals… finding those hidden gems or secret places that have the best atmosphere. Ski towns are no different, follow the locals to the best Apres ski spots, or failing that, buddy up with the ski instructors who will be spending the full season in the area and already will know the best places to go.


Look for live music

The best Apres ski as live music, this could range from a live DJ to a jazz pianist but whatever you prefer the most lively places and best apres atmosphere will have live music.


Enjoy the signature drink

Most apres ski bars will have a signature drink, as with the saying when in Rome… you should definitely try and enjoy a bars signature drink.


Meet up with your Queens

No matter where you choose, it is the company that will really make the difference, so make sure you meet up with your S’No Queens and all choose the same place.